HBU Voice Professor to perform in Exalted Arts “Greatest Love of All" production

Summer Song, one of HBU’s own, will join a talented ensemble of artists for  the “Greatest Love of All, a Grace Cabaret Experience,” an original work of Exalted Arts, a theater production company seeking to make God’s name famous and develop bridges between theater arts and Christian faith communities.

Exalted Arts Theater Company is proud to bring The Grace Cabaret Experience to Houston for the first time on Valentine’s Day weekend, Feb. 11 – Feb. 13, 2022 (showtimes vary) at Midtown Arts and Theater Center of Houston (MATCH).

The music production, directed by Ron Jones, will feature host, Lynn Menzer, TSU Music Chair Dr. Jason Oby (tenor), HBU Voice Professor Summer Song (soprano), and HGOco Katya Gruzglina (soprano/mezzo) under the musical direction of Rice University Professor Tom Jaber. Other designers include Executive Music Producer, Richard Brown of Houston Grand Opera, Choreographer, Sara White, and Executive Producer, Cynthia Garcia.

“It is such an honor to be featured as an artist along with musicians from major local companies,” said Song, HBU Instructor of Music and Voice Professor.

The production will feature music and songs that reflect on the love of the Father to the people of the world, along with other specially-curated selections during the month of LOVE.  Replete with familiar songs of grace and love, the night promises to be a time of renewal as audience members bask in a theatrical reminder of how much you are loved.  

This live performance is also accessible through virtual streaming. Tickets are $35 and $25, respectively, and can be purchased at OntheStage.com.

About Exalted Arts
Exalted Arts focuses on one main thing: God-entertainment. God-entertainment is transformative art that brings light, hope and redemption to the culture by offering compelling, alternative entertainment that inspires, uplifts and transforms.