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The HBU podcast, “Think About It,” features faculty, staff, and students from diverse backgrounds. The podcast is hosted by Dr. Jerry Johnston, vice president for Innovation and Strategic Marketing. “Think About It” is great place to to familiarize yourself with the University and its vision. Each guest featured on the podcast embodies the mission and vision of HBU. Subscribe to the Podcast on your favorite platform!

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  • Kathy Bilyeu: HBU Fine Arts Museum Director

    Kathy Bilyeu is a native Houstonian, a Navy veteran, and currently serves as the HBU Fine Arts Museum Director. She earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts at the University of Houston, and a Master of Fine Arts at …

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  • Anthony Suber: Master of Fine Arts

    Anthony Suber is completing his Master of Fine Arts at HBU. Anthony has taught fine arts for almost two decades, 15 of which have been at the Kinkaid School. He is one of the founding members of the …

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  • Callie Smith: Online Director of Marketing & Recruitment

    Callie Smith is the HBU Online Director of Marketing and Recruitment. She oversees the planning and implementation of a comprehensive marketing strategy for the division that spans across multiple media channels, as well as branding, design and copywriting. …

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  • Preston Sharp: School of Christian Thought

    Preston Sharp is a Practical Theology major at HBU, scheduled to graduate in 2022. He has served as a student missionary and is involved in Kaleo Discipleship. Preston is a worship leader and seeks to continually grow personally and spiritually …

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