HBU Service Abroad and Study Abroad

HBU Service Abroad and Study Abroad functions in accordance with the University Mission and central confession that “Jesus Christ is Lord.” HBU Service Abroad and Study Abroad supports each of the ten pillars and emphasizes Pillar IX: Cultivate a Strong Global Focus.   The purpose of HBU Service Abroad and Study Abroad is to facilitate teaching, learning, and service opportunities in international settings. Service Abroad and Study Abroad functions through the Office of the Provost and is a collaborative endeavor across the colleges and service units of the university.

Why Serve and Study Abroad?

Individuals, who serve and study abroad, immersed within the customs and language of the culture gain unique opportunities for academic, spiritual and professional excellence beyond the bounds of a traditional classroom setting.  Each interaction, while living and learning abroad provides an enriching life experience.  Your service abroad and study abroad experience is one that you will cherish and remember always!

How to Study and Serve Abroad?

The Office of the Provost facilitates service abroad and study abroad opportunities.  Individuals may enroll through one of the courses for credit, through an internship, or through one of the service opportunities via HBU Spiritual Life and the Baptist Student Ministry.

The Provost’s Office facilitates opportunities through study abroad for which college credit may be awarded, including, but not limited to the following:  HBU customized study abroad courses, customized credit courses through transfer partnerships with universities abroad and transfer courses through HBU’s partnership with the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities (CCCU) BestSemester.

Customized Study Abroad Courses

The HBU faculty serve as sponsors for approved customized study abroad courses. Eligible students may then register for these opportunities and meet with the faculty sponsor to obtain the course syllabi, travel itinerary, and additional course and travel details.  Customized study abroad courses may be taught by HBU faculty or through transfer agreements with universities outside of the United States for which earned transfer credit is received by HBU for students completing customized study abroad courses.

Study Abroad Courses through BestSemester via CCCU

HBU is a partner with the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities (CCCU) BestSemester, which offers students many unique learning opportunities within national and international settings. https://www.bestsemester.com/about/our-purpose

The Council for Christian Colleges and Universities is an association of over 180 Christian institutions worldwide.  There are universities members of CCCU around the world, which include more than 150 in the United States and Canada and approximately 30 from eighteen additional countries. These CCCU member institutions are accredited institutions with a historical foundation in Christian teachings and which are focused on carrying out the Christian faith.  HBU’s membership in CCCU provides opportunities such as shared resources, professional development, legislative updates, and coordinated study abroad opportunities.  https://www.cccu.org/institutions/

CCCU BestSemester advisors will provide students the information needed for registering and completing study abroad courses through the CCCU programs. https://www.bestsemester.com/apply

HBU & BestSemester Course Equivalency Table

HBU Service, Internship, and Mission Opportunities Abroad

HBU seeks to partner with friends locally and abroad to expand service, internships, and mission opportunities for students.  Through these opportunities, HBU faculty, staff, and partners are working to fulfill Pillar IX and to answer Christ’s call in the Great Commission.

HBU Mission Opportunities

HBU Student Life and Baptist Student Ministry offers students opportunities to participate in mission trips locally and abroad. These opportunities are available on the Student Life BSM website at https://hbu.edu/student-life/spiritual-life/baptist-student-ministries-bsm/

Required Student Forms

Students attending an HBU study abroad course must complete the required University forms and connect with the designated advisor for the specific travel itinerary and further details concerning the course requirements and syllabi.

Form A:   Application for Service Abroad / Study Abroad 
Form B:   Student Health / Emergency Treatment Authorization
Form C:   Student Insurance Verification & Travel Itinerary
HBU Statement of Responsibility, Release, and Authorization to Participate in Travel Program       
Prior Authorization for Transfer Credit 
Request for Undergraduate / Graduate Course Notification

Contact for Study Abroad

Leslie Shelton
Director, Spahr-Tan Center for International Education
Phone: 281-649-3375
Email: lshelton@hbu.edu     
Office: Library 118

Facilitator Information for Service Abroad & Study Abroad

Faculty and staff interested in serving as a facilitator for service abroad or study abroad opportunities for students can access the guidelines and required forms through the HBU SharePoint site.  The facilitator packet of information includes the following:

Guidelines for Service Abroad and Study Abroad
Service Abroad / Study Abroad Program Proposal Checklist
Service Abroad / Study Abroad Resource Stewardship Summary
Facilitator Agreement for Service/Study Abroad