Academic Advising

All HBU students should become familiar with their advisor and the advising process. Academic Advisors are faculty or staff members who can help students navigate degree requirements, counsel students on all academic matters and broad career and vocational interests, and provide referrals to campus resources.

Students must meet with their assigned Academic Advisor each semester prior to registration for the subsequent semester. All advisees are expected to avail themselves of these mentoring services in order to graduate from HBU in a timely manner since the student is ultimately held responsible for fulfilling his or her degree plan requirements.

For questions about the advising process, please e-mail

For frequently asked question about Degree Works, please visit the Degree Works FAQ.

The Advising Process

The advising process at HBU is designed to help the student make important decisions related to academic and career progress. Below are some guidelines to follow to make the advising process a successful part of the HBU experience.

  • Students may see their Academic Advisor to:

    o Discuss academic successes or issues that may affect academic progress

    o Select courses for each semester

    o Consider a change of major or minor

    o File a degree plan

    o Discuss educational and career goals

    o Provide personal encouragement and support

  • The advisor’s responsibility to the student is to:

    o Listen and help solve problems regarding academic or career issues

    o Aid in selecting appropriate courses each semester

    o Serve as a reference to appropriate campus resources

    o Assist the student in attaining educational and career goals

  • The student’s responsibility to the advisor is to:

    o Come to the advising session prepared and ready to ask questions

    o Be knowledgeable about HBU academic policies and procedures

    o Schedule appointments with advisors

    o Keep scheduled appointments on time or cancel in advance

    o Accept responsibility for academic decisions

    o Seek assistance before experiencing academic difficulty

Information and Resources for Students

  • Who is my advisor?

    Your official advisor will be assigned at the beginning of your first semester at HBU. You can find your advisor through Navigate in the HBU Portal. If you have questions in the meantime, or if you do not have an advisor assigned, please contact

  • How is AP, IB or CLEP credit awarded?

    Credit for AP, IB, and CLEP exams are not automatically posted on your HBU transcript. Please make sure you follow these steps to ensure you receive credit.

    1. Make sure your official test scores are sent to HBU.
    You may have already requested them to be sent to HBU when you registered for your test. If not, you’ll need to contact the testing agency to have them sent.

    2. Let your advisor know about any credit you think you may have.
    While this is not a required step to get your credit posted, it is extremely helpful for your advisor to know about any credit that may be coming in. It also helps you avoid registering (and paying for) classes that you may already have credit for based on your exam scores.

    3. During your first semester at HBU, go to the Registrar’s office in Brown 154 and fill out the “Request for Credit by Examination” form.
    This alerts the Registrar’s office that you have scores waiting to be posted.

    4. Credit will be posted to your HBU transcript when ALL of the following requirements have been met:

    • Your exam scores are sufficient for awarding credit based on the “Credit by Examination” section of the course catalog.
    • You have successfully completed 12 hours at HBU (dual credit and/or transfer credit does not count).
    • You have earned a minimum 2.0 HBU GPA (transfer GPA does not count).

    Vivian West /281649-3745 / Brown 154

  • How do I register for classes in Husky Net?