News and Press Releases

  • HBU Signs Guaranteed Admission Agreements with Local Community Colleges

    Houston, Texas, June 30, 2022 – Houston Baptist University (HBU) is making higher education more accessible to transfer students in Texas-based community colleges. The University recently signed agreements with several local community colleges, including Houston Community College, Alvin …

  • HBU Alumnus named 2022 Trial Lawyer of the Year

    Houston Baptist University alumnus, Randy Sorrels has been named 2022 Trial Lawyer of the Year by The Texas Chapter of the American Board of Trial Advocates (TEX-ABOTA). Sorrels graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Speech Communication & …

  • HBU presents 2021-2022 Mayfield Awards

    Two Houston Baptist University (HBU) staff members have been named 2021-2022 Mayfield Award honorees. The award was named to honor Dr. Ray V. Mayfield, Sr. and, his son, Dr. Ray V. Mayfield, Jr. who both served the University …

  • Dr. David Davis Named 2021-2022 Opal Goolsby Outstanding Professor

    Houston Baptist University (HBU) has named Dr. David Davis as the 2021-2022 Opal Goolsby Outstanding Professor. Davis serves as HBU Associate Dean of Academic Programs, Director of Graduate Programs for the College of Arts & Humanities and Honors College …


  • The Pillars Magazine

    The Pillars Magazine is the official news magazine of HBU and is published in print and online.

    Technology, Knowledge, and Mystery

    By Dr. Russell Hemati, Associate Professor of Philosophy Technology is a mystery hidden in plain sight. It has an oft-repeated definition: applying scientific knowledge to solve practical problems, but this simple definition does not reveal what technology truly …

  • The City

    The City delivers culturally relevant liberal arts articles and reflections from a Christian worldview.

    God’s Universe Deserves a University

    By Eric L. Johnson One of the most celebrated astronomers of the early scientific revolution was Johannes Kepler. Born into a Lutheran family in 1571, he became enamored by the night sky at the age of 6 when …

  • Mr. Movie Man

    Mr. Movie Man provides Christian movie reviews and reflections from a Christian worldview by Dr. Jon Suter.

    This Week’s Review: Political Themes

    The recent violence in Washington, DC, reminded the Curmudgeon of several movies with political themes; e.g., “All the President’s Men,” “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington,” and, on a darker note, “Seven Days in May” and both versions of “The …

  • Culture Influencers

    Cultural Influencers celebrates faculty members who positively influence the culture for Jesus Christ.

    Culture Influencer: Dr. Timothy Ewest

    Dr. Timothy Ewest, Associate Professor of Management in the Archie Dunham College of Business, publishes his latest book, Faith and Work, Christian Research, Perspectives, and Applications, with Information Age Publications, with series editor Jody Fry. Ewest’s latest books …