HBU Student Government Association

We, the Student Association of Houston Baptist University, by and with the consent of the faculty and administration, in order to govern ourselves more wisely; to promote greater understanding and cooperation with the faculty and administration; to foster the recognition of privileges and responsibilities of the students of the University community; to provide opportunity for responsible individual and collective action; to foster high ideals of conduct and academic standing; and to establish worthy traditions, establish the Student Association and the Student Government Association.

All currently enrolled students of Houston Baptist University shall be members of the Student Association and shall be entitled to all rights and privileges outlined therein. The Student Association members shall come from the Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, and Senior classes; and from all colleges and schools of the University organized under their dean.

Our 2018-2019 Student Government Association



SGA Executive Board

  • Duties of the SGA Executive Board

    Foster mutual understanding between the administration and students

    B. Coordinate campus-wide activities (along with the Legislative Branch; see Article II, Section IV; SGA Constitution) that promote involvement among the Student Body, Student Organizations, and/or HBU faculty & staff.

    C. Preside over any impeachment proceedings of the Student Government Association

  • President

    Michael Basquez

    Classification: Senior







  • Vice President

    Thomas VanZant

    Classification: Sophomore

    Major: Political Science






  • Vice President of Records

    Devonyae Pearson

    Classification: Senior








  • Director of Finance

    Elijah Phuoc Bui-Dang

    Classification: Sophomore








  • Director of Public Relations

    Marc Wynne

    Classification: Sophomore

    Major: Legal Studies


Legislative Branch

The Legislative Branch shall be comprised of one representative from each School or College, two senators from each classification, one residence life representative, one commuter life representative, one transfer representative, one veteran representative and one athletics representative.

  • Class Senators


    Collin Kulesha

    Sophia Stenkamp



    Ogechi Oko


    Jory Chevis

    Erica Lacy


    Mya Seriki

    Christopher (Drake) Lamb


  • School/College Representatives

    Archie W. Dunham College of Business Representative: Bessy Banegas

    College of Education & Behavioral Sciences Representative: Caleb Helms

    College of Science & Engineering Representative: Sydney Smith

    School of Christian Thought Representative: VACANT

    School of Fine Arts Representative: Kristina Bonner

    School of Humanities Representative: VACANT

    School of Nursing & Allied Health Representative: Keilah Perez


  • Area Representatives

    Athletics Representative: Zaena Alzahrawi

    Chaplain: VACANT

    Commuter Life Representative: VACANT

    International: Stephen Mukuria

    Residence Life Representative: Janet Okoroji

    Transfer Representative: VACANT

    Veteran Representative: VACANT


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