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School of Christian Thought

As a Christian University in Texas, the School of Christian Thought, we think in terms of story, God’s story:

God’s Story

The great focus of Scripture, from Genesis to Revelation, is the story of God. He has revealed himself through Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit as both the Creator and Redeemer of the world. God created a good world, and therefore we find value in the physical world as well as the various human cultures around the world. However, humans also introduced sin and brokenness into God’s good world. As a result, out of his great love, God has brought and continues to bring, redemption to this world through Christ and the Spirit.

Our Story

Within the church, we see the Kingdom of God breaking through even now, though we look in hope for the ultimate restoration of the world when Christ returns. Since God created this world, we explore its truth and beauty in all its forms because “all truth is God’s truth.” At the same time, God’s self-revelation through his redeeming acts in the world are communicated through holy Scripture. Accordingly, our various departments bring together the great aspects of God’s general and special revelation: Apologetics, Classics and Biblical Languages, and Theology. So whether we are looking at God’s fingerprints in nature and reason or a portrait of him in Scripture, our various programs and classes highlight how the church fits within God’s act in the world—in the past and currently. Our faculty are world-class, supporting the Church and engaging in academic pursuits at the highest level. To get to know us, check out our School of Christian Thought blog.

Your Story

No matter what your vocational calling might be, we’re all part of this larger story that God is working out in the world. That is, our goal is that HBU will be a place where your story and God’s story come together. We’re a community where you can learn more about the great story of God, while learning to live it out in the Church and the world. Throughout the Bible, we see how God calls individuals into his community of faith for the sake of His Kingdom. As you follow the process of discerning your own calling and desires for work and ministry with us, you’ll see that we are not just a collection of individuals – we are a community of learners devoted to God and to one another. We invite you to join us in one of our programs. Specialize your degree even further with an embedded graduate certificate.

Our Story Values

  • Transformation

    For us, education is not just about information, but also transformation, and touching the mind and heart.

  • Authenticity

    We are honest about our brokenness while walking on the path of restoration in Christ.

  • Community

    Christianity isn’t an individual pursuit; much of discipleship is just friendship.

  • Culture

    We value the ways God has worked in culture in the past, and look for ways to impact culture today.

  • Classics

    We don’t just read about great thinkers in history, we read their works.

  • Leadership

    The world is in need of leaders who draw others toward God’s story and who invest in others’ potential.


Departments of the College in Christian Thought

  • Department of Apologetics

    The Department of Apologetics give reasons for the hope that is within us (1 Peter 3:15) to help people come to faith in Christ. We challenge false ideas that form obstacles to belief in Christ and that give rise to disorder in human persons and in society. Within the church, we help Christians have a stronger faith and live out Christ’s call to love God with our heart, mind, soul, and strength. Learn more.

  • Department of Theology

    At Houston Baptist University’s Department of Theology we encourage our students to take Jesus’ words seriously. God wants us to love him with every part of our being.  Our particular focus is helping you learn to love God with your mind, but we don’t separate this from loving God with your heart and soul and from loving your neighbor as yourself.  If you are looking for a school where you can be shaped spiritually and your professors love the Lord, know their stuff, care about their students, bring a wealth of ministry experience to the classroom, and enjoy life, we invite you to consider the programs here at HBU. Learn more.

  • Department of Classics & Biblical Languages

    In the Department of Classics & Biblical Languages our faculty are very strong teachers who strive to help you not just learn the languages but also to understand the world in which they originated.  The goal in all of this is not some dry academic exercise but rather to help you develop as a whole person and prepare for your chosen vocation.
    Many of our graduates pursue careers in teaching or further degrees in law, education, medicine, creative writing, and business. Learn more.

Student Organizations

The School of Christian Thought offers many student organizations to expand the learning experience of our students and prepare them for their professional careers.

Various additional organizations exist within the University. Please check the list of Student Life Organizations for a comprehensive list.

Mission Statement

The mission of the School of Christian Thought is to serve and equip the Church; to provide students with foundational knowledge in philosophy, theology, and apologetics through reading and engagement with the ideas and languages of classic and biblical texts; to challenge students to display sound reasoning, to communicate clearly, and to demonstrate effective research skills; and to foster both intellectual and spiritual growth as students and faculty alike seek to glorify God in all things.

Request a Speaker

HBU’s faculty members are available to speak at churches, conferences, and other events. If you would like to request a faculty member for your next event, please contact The School of Christian Thought for details and availability.