School of Fine Arts | Art School Houston


Our mission is to mentor and educate students towards professional excellence in artistic creation for the glory of God.


To be the premiere Christian school of fine arts through our commitment to apprenticeship across creative disciplines, building on traditional foundations with an eye towards tomorrow’s opportunities.

Accepted Values

  1.  We believe in the power of art to transform both the audience and the artist. 
  2. We believe students should understand the tradition from which our work comes, placing it within its historical, social, and critical context. 
  3. We recognize change and innovation as a constant; therefore we must provide our students with the breadth of knowledge and creative strategies to adapt to whatever new opportunities might emerge.
  4. We believe in a faculty of practitioners who are devoted to their disciplines and have high-level real world experience as working artists.
  5. We value all of the arts as necessary for an enriched society and thriving economy.  

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Student Organizations

We offer many opportunities to expand the learning experience of our students and prepare them for their professional careers.

All of the following are available to our students:

  • Bands

    Houston Baptist University  is proud of its comprehensive band program which includes the Marching Band, Symphonic Band and the Pep Band.

  • Music Ensembles

    All HBU students are invited to sing in one of our choral ensemble choirs. They are conducted by Dr. Kevin Klotz, director of Choral Activities and Chair of the Music Department.


  • Department of Cinema, Media Arts and Writing

    The School of Fine Arts offers a variety of dynamic degrees in contemporary media arts and writing. Study groundbreaking new opportunities in multimedia, learn the artistry behind great cinema, craft compelling and original stories, or perfect your professional writing skills all within the Department of Cinema, Media Arts and Writing.

  • Department of Music

    If you are thinking about a career in music, it’s never too early to start thinking about where you would like to go as a college student.  Choosing our school could be the most important career move you make. Learn more about the Department of Music.

  • Department of Visual Arts

    The mission of the HBU Department of Visual Arts is to undertake and foster the intellectual and creative development of the individual through artistic activity, scholarship and teaching. The goal of the art faculty is to nurture and encourage students of all levels of experience in finding their visual voices and developing their own visual language. The Department of Visual Arts offers instruction in five basic studio areas: Drawing, Painting, Ceramics, Sculpture, and Printmaking. Students in the studio areas have the unique opportunity of receiving feedback in both individual and group critique sessions.