School of Fine Arts

Our mission is to inspire the worship of God through the creation and presentation of art within the patterns He designed.

Whether these artistic expressions are literary, dramatic, musical, visual, or within new media, we understand that we were made to create in imitation of our Creator. The School of Fine Arts believes that the fine arts are integral to the living of a full life. Towards that end, we offer courses and degrees in visual arts, music, creative writing, cinema and mass media.

Welcome from the Dean

Malcolm de Chazal, the Mauritian writer and painter who is well known for his thousands of both highly quotable and completely mind-boggling aphorisms, delivered one of my very favorite sentiments on the nature of art in his Sens-Plastique:   

“Art is nature speeded up and God slowed down.”

Here, de Chazal is attempting to ratify the tension of the corporeal (the things of this world), and the divine, by introducing us to the concept of an accessible middle ground; a place where we can, if only in an infinitesimally small glimpse, access the creative nature of God.  That place is not so much a place as it is a dynamic and breathing verb—ART.  At Houston Baptist University’s School of Fine Arts, we actively work within this space, inspiring the worship of God through the creation and presentation of art within the patterns He designed.

HBU’s School of Fine Arts is a dynamic, thriving, talented, and diverse group of faculty, staff, and students who value the unique ability of art—music, visual, film, literary, new media, theatre or otherwise—to shift hearts and minds towards something greater than themselves.  We collectively thrive in the understanding that we are not just the artists but also the canvas, the clapperboard, the instrument, the blank page, the ghost light on stage.  We are both the creators and the created, pointing to the One who is writing, painting, composing, and orating our grand and remarkable story.

Awards are nice.  And we’ve won a bunch of them.  Comprehensive training for advanced practice is wonderful.  And we’re excellent at it.  Facilities are lovely.  And ours are fantastic.  But the thing that makes us who we are, a group of beautifully flawed people striving to reveal that divine glimpse to our fellow travelers on this life journey, is our overwhelming desire to help you succeed in your art.  Because when you succeed, the world sees Him.

We welcome you to join us.

Jayme McGhan
Dean of the School of Fine Arts
Houston Baptist University


Student Organizations

We offer many opportunities to expand the learning experience of our students and prepare them for their professional careers.

All of the following are available to our students:

  • Bands

    Houston Baptist University  is proud of its comprehensive band program which includes the Marching Band, Symphonic Band and the Pep Band. Learn more!


  • Rex Fleming Players

    The Rex Fleming Players is a student theater troupe at Houston Baptist University. Our goal is to work with the University and the community in order to entertain and inspire others.  Learn more!

  • Schola Cantorum and University Singers

    All HBU students are invited to sing in one of our choirs. They are conducted by Dr. Terre Johnson, director of Choral Activities and Chair of the Music Department. Learn more!


  • Satellite

    Satellite is Houston Baptist University’s student-run arts and culture online magazine.  Learn more!


Department of Fine Arts

  • Department of Music

    If you are thinking about a career in music, it’s never too early to start thinking about where you would like to go as a college student.  Choosing our school could be the most important career move you make. Learn more.

  • Department of Visual Arts

    The mission of the HBU Department of Visual Arts is to undertake and foster the intellectual and creative development of the individual through artistic activity, scholarship and teaching. The goal of the art faculty is to nurture and encourage students of all levels of experience in finding their visual voices and developing their own visual language. The Department of Visual Arts offers instruction in five basic studio areas: Drawing, Painting, Ceramics, Sculpture, and Printmaking. Students in the studio areas have the unique opportunity of receiving feedback in both individual and group critique sessions. Learn more.

  • Department Of Cinema, Media Arts and Writing

    The School of Fine Arts offers a variety of dynamic degrees in contemporary media arts and writing. Study groundbreaking new opportunities in multimedia, learn the artistry behind great cinema, craft compelling and original stories, or perfect your professional writing skills all within the Department of Cinema, Media Arts and Writing. Learn more.

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