Culture Influencer: Gardo Blado

Dr. Gardo Blado, Professor in Physics of the College of Science and Engineering, together with HBU undergraduate students, Amanda Johnson (2019), Otto Gadea (2018) and Francisco Herrera (2020), published their work entitled, “Shannon Entropic Entanglement Criterion in the Simple Harmonic Oscillator,” in the peer-reviewed journal, Quantum Physics Letters volume 9, No.1, pages 1-7 (2020).
The above-mentioned paper is a result of a series of projects completed as part of the research component of the upper-level physics courses at HBU. The publication is the first paper in the physics literature to use the Shannon Entropy to derive an entanglement criterion for coupled harmonic oscillators in terms of their interaction.
Amanda Johnson graduated from HBU in 2019 (Summa Cum Laude) with a degree in biology and minor in physics. Currently, she is working on her PhD in cross-disciplinary biomedical science at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine with a research interest in novel molecular therapeutics for glioblastoma brain tumors. Otto Gadea graduated from HBU in 2018 (Magna Cum Laude) with a degree in chemistry and minor in physics. He is presently pursuing a PhD in geophysics at the University of Houston Main Campus as a member of the Shuhab Khan remote sensing research group. In his research, he seeks to upscale local geochemical information obtained from ground-based imaging spectroscopy to regional scales for the purpose of optimizing natural resource mining operations. Francisco Herrera is a graduating senior attending HBU completing his major in Physics. His research interests span the fields of quantum mechanics to entrepreneurial physics. His objective is to establish and lead a quantum computing company to create and sell quantum computing technology.