Culture Influencers: Jerry Johnston

J JohnstonDr. Jerry Johnston, HBU VP of Innovation & Strategic Marketing, presented, “Ten Reasons Why 50-70 Million Adult Americans Have Left the Church: the Nones,” at the Texas Baptists’ Unapologetic Conference on Saturday, August 24, at Central Baptist Church in Jacksonville, Texas. (Nancy Pearcey, HBU professor of Apologetics, presented “Love Thy Body” at the conference.)

Drs. Jerry and Cristie Jo Johnston traveled more than 200,000 miles internationally conducting five years of original research on what Time Magazine refers to as “one of the 10 most significant trends changing America.” The Johnstons filmed interviews with 106 of the world’s leading atheists, agnostics, skeptics, philosophers, sociologists, statisticians, nones, deconversions, apologists, and Christian leaders to discover both the causes and cures of religious disaffiliation. This message is crucial for concerned Christians and pastors to hear, and the accompanying video clips will be a must-see! In 2020, the Johnstons will launch a national campaign entitled, “This Is Christian Strong.”