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Policy for Accommodations

  • Accommodations are not intended to lower academic standards or provide anyone with an advantage over others.
  • The Disability Services Director does not issue waivers or make substitutions for courses listed on university degree plans.
  • Accommodations must be applied for in person and written each semester.
  • All students requesting/seeking academic accommodations for disabilities must self-identify and are responsible to follow the Steps to Receive Accommodations procedures.
  • All faculty/instructors must include the following statement in their course syllabi about the process required for students to self-identify and ultimately receive accommodations:
    • Houston Baptist University complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 regarding students with disabilities. Any student who needs learning accommodations should inform the professor immediately at the beginning of the semester that he/she will be requesting accommodations. In order to request and establish academic accommodations, the student should contact the Disability Services Director to schedule an appointment to discuss and request academic accommodation services. Academic Accommodations must be applied for and written each semester. If academic accommodations are approved, a Letter of Accommodations will then be sent to the professor(s).
  • Accommodations are not retroactive. Accommodations will take effect when the student has completed the accommodations request process, the Disability Services Director has approved the accommodations, and instructors have received the accommodation letters.
  • The accommodations letter sent to instructors does not specify a student’s diagnosis or disability unless requested by the student. If a student wishes to discuss a condition or accommodation with an instructor, he/she may want to set up an appointment with the instructor during their office hours to discuss the matter(s) privately.
  • Faculty is authorized to provide the specific accommodations stipulated in the accommodations letter sent by the Disability Services Director.
  • Houston Baptist University is not required to provide any testing or evaluation for documentation of learning or other disabilities and does not do so.
  • The cost for documentation is borne by the student.
  • Confidentiality of records is maintained as required by law. Accommodation letters are sent to professors in sealed envelopes, and both the letters and the envelopes are stamped “Confidential”. The student’s disability documentation and other related materials are placed in the student’s Academic Accommodations/Disability file which is housed by the Disability Services Director.
  • If a student experiences infractions with academic accommodations or has a complaint about the academic accommodations process, the student should follow the Grievance Procedure:
    • Student should report any infractions or complaints to the Disability Services Director within 7 calendar days so that appropriate action may be taken.
    • If infractions or complaints are not resolved satisfactorily through the Director of Success and Advising Center, student should then contact the Provost of the University.