Houston Baptist University Catalog

Engineering and Science ( ENSC ) Course Descriptions

  • ENSC 1411 Engineering and Cyber Projects I
    Prerequisite(s): None
    Corequisite(s): Credit for or concurrent registration in MATH 1434 or higher

    An introduction to engineering profession, engineering design and problem-solving, computing, algorithms, programming and software structures, and computer systems.

  • ENSC 1412 Engineering and Cyber Projects II
    Prerequisite(s): ENSC 1411 and (MATH 1434 or higher)
    Corequisite(s): None

    Additional engineering and computing projects using electronic components, algorithms and programming, and applications.

  • ENSC 2321 Statics and Mechanics of Materials
    Prerequisite(s): ENSC 1412 and PHYS 2413 and MATH 1452
    Resultants and equilibrium of force systems, stress and strain, truss and frame analysis, torsion, bending.

  • ENSC 2322 Thermodynamics
    Prerequisite(s): ENSC 1422 and MATH 1452
    Fundamental concepts, properties of pure substance, work, heat, first and second laws of thermodynamics, entropy, cycle analysis.

  • ENSC 2361 Electrical Engineering and Circuits
    Prerequisite(s): ENSC 1422 and MATH 1451
    Fundamental concepts, units and laws. Network theorems, network simplification, phasors and AC solution of circuits, power and electronic applications.

  • ENSC 4311 Senior Project I
    Prerequisite(s): Permission of instructor
    Open-ended, team-based design project that draws on student’s entire academic experience with emphasis on idea generation and conceptual design. Social and ethical aspects of engineering and computing. Communication skills.

  • ENSC 4312 Senior Project II
    Prerequisite(s): ENSC 4311
    Continuations of ENSC 4311 with emphasis on implementation and testing.

  • ENSC 4315 Internship/Professional Experience
    Prerequisite(s): Consent of Dean
    On-site, supervised, structured work experience. This course may be taken to facilitate a three month off-campus professional experience or part-time professional experience.

  • ENSC 4381 Special Topics/Independent Study
    Prerequisite(s): None
    Topics are selected on basis of student need and academic qualifications of staff. If regular lectures are not given, a minimum of 30 hours of work for each hour credit must be included.