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What is a Silver Tea? Historically, the traditional Silver Tea had its roots in the proper English tea, often held in a church and accompanied by a “silver collection.” The silver collection referred to the silver coins the guests placed in a container near the entrance. This was usually a particularly attractive silver bowl into which had been placed the largest available silver coin, with the hope that it would attract more of its kind. Donations were used to further the charitable causes of the host.

Times have changed. Coins are no longer silver, but Silver Teas continue as a gracious means of funding worthy projects. Proceeds from our annual Silver Tea benefit The Guild’s graduate scholarships at Houston Baptist University.

We sincerely appreciate the hospitality of those who have graciously opened their homes for our Silver Tea.

  • 2018- 2019 The Guild Silver Tea at the Home of Peter and Elizabeth Wareing

    The Guild Silver Tea was held on April 11 in the historic River Oaks home of Peter and Elizabeth Wareing who very graciously opened their lovely home for this event. HBU President Robert Sloan and First Lady Sue Sloan, along with the Wareings, welcomed guests.

    Co-chairs Cookie Peeler and Ruth Ann Williamson began their efforts to prepare for the event in June of 2018 as they worked to assemble their committee chairs and their respective committee members. Linda Higginbotham, chair of the underwriting committee, along with her committee members, very successfully spearheaded fundraising efforts for graduate scholarships which will be awarded to deserving students in HBU’s School of Education and School of Christian Thought. Silver Stone Catering provided a delectable and beautiful array of sweet and savory refreshments. Representatives of the HBU Student Foundation assisted in moving guests through the home and adjoining outdoor garden space.

    The Silver Tea was enjoyed by all in attendance, and special gratitude is extended to the Wareings, all committee members, and donors who ensured the success of the event.

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  • 2017-2018 The Guild Silver Tea at the Home of Diana and Todd Brock

    The Guild Silver Tea

    On Thursday, April 12, 2018 more than 100 Guild members and their guests gathered at the beautiful home of Diana and Todd Brock for The Guild Silver Tea. Proceeds from this annual event, which began in 1992, provide scholarships for HBU graduate students. This year, thanks to the generosity of Guild members and friends, more than $76,000 was raised to support this scholarship initiative.

    Dr. Jennifer Ferguson and Marsha Eckermann were Co-chairmen of this event, with Debra Perich serving as the Underwriting Chairman. A committee of thirty-plus volunteers assisted in planning, executing all details, and serving as greeters, along with HBU’s Student Foundation who joined in welcoming guests to this very successful Silver Tea.


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  • 2016-2017 The Guild Silver Tea Honoring First Lady Sue Sloan

    The HBU Guild’s Silver Tea was held on Thursday, April 6, 2017. This stately home provided an elegant setting for this annual event which began in 1992 as an opportunity to provide scholarships for HBU graduate students. More than two hundred Guild members and their guests gathered, not only to support this scholarship initiative, but also to honor Sue Sloan in recognition of her tenth anniversary as HBU’s First Lady.  The generous gifts from our Guild membership, as well as those from the HBU community, yielded an unprecedented milestone.


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  • 2015-2016 The Guild Silver Tea at the Home of Rhonda & Michael Graff

    The honoree for the 2016 Silver Tea was our own Patti Bailey. She certainly deserves special recognition for her dedication to The Guild and the special touches she adds that ensure all Guild events are successfully coordinated. Congratulations to Patti!

    The Silver Tea was held at the lovely Memorial home of Rhonda and Michael Graff on April 14. The Graffs were very gracious and welcoming on a beautiful spring afternoon. Everyone enjoyed the fun, food, and fellowship.

    Lynn Tyger and Jeanne Walker worked tirelessly in assuring that the details were coordinated with their committee chairs in making the Silver Tea a memorable and special occasion. Faye Dunwoody was again responsible for the lovely artwork on the invitations.

    Debra Perich and the Underwriting Committee are to be commended for the fantastic job with the underwriting portion
    of the Silver Tea as are all the committee chairs who so willingly fulfilled their responsibility to make the Silver Tea an unforgettable event.

    The Silver Tea served as the culminating event in a year of giving and sharing. Everyone was in a festive mood in their spring attire and celebration of all the Guild represents! Thanks to all who collaborated to make this possible.


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  • 2014-2015 The Guild Silver Tea at the Home of Melissa & Brad Juneau

    This year’s Silver Tea was held in the beautiful home of Melissa and Brad Juneau in Houston’s historical neighborhood of Broadacres.  The home is French in architecture and décor, filled with stunning French antiques.  Mrs. Juneau was very gracious and helpful in opening her home to us.

    Our special honoree this year was our own Sharon Saunders, Executive Director of the Guild, Chief of Staff to the President and Vice President for University Relations. She is an invaluable counsel to the Guild and the guiding light with her wisdom, her grace, and her love for the University and for the leadership she has given the Guild in shaping it into the outstanding organization it is today.  The Guild and the members are very fortunate to have this outstanding leader. The tea this year also commemorated the 40th anniversary of The Guild.

    Silver Tea 2015, chaired by Colleen Fellows and Tommie Lejeune, was by all accounts a stunning success.  We wish to thank all those who worked to make this event such a success.

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  • 2013-2014 The Guild Silver Tea at the Home of Jana & Scott Arnoldy

    Wednesday, April 2, 2014 … what a glorious day for The Guild Silver Tea … and a fun day, as well! The house was fabulous … the food was delicious … the music was perfect … and the Lord answered our prayers giving us great weather as we gathered together to honor Judy Graham for her Christian leadership and commitment to HBU and The Guild. Those attending celebrated a wonderful atmosphere of Christian fellowship.

    Jana and Scott Arnoldy opened their beautiful home to The Guild with kindness and hospitality to raise scholarship dollars for HBU’s School of Education and School of Christian Thought. In addition, Jana Arnoldy created floral arrangements and placed them throughout the house and grounds to be enjoyed by all.

    Co-Chairs, Donna Goeser and Cheryl Kaminski, along with their committees, planned it down to the wire and considered every detail, including the selection of delicious and elegant foods by Silver Stone Events. Faye Dunwoody used her many talents to create a beautiful invitation, which is the first introduction to the Silver Tea. And what a fabulous introduction it was! The beautiful guitar music by Latin Guitarist, Guillermo Serpas, could be enjoyed by everyone whether mingling inside the house or outside on the grounds. It was a perfect day for a Silver Tea!

    We are extremely blessed with a wonderful President and First Lady, Robert and Sue Sloan, to work with and support in this great endeavor for HBU. We are also very thankful to the underwriters and donors who have made this year’s Silver Tea and our Guild Scholarship Program a success!

    “To God Give The Glory Great Things He Hath Done!”


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  • 2012-2013 The Guild Silver Tea at the Home of Vicki & Ken Douglas

    The Lord blessed us with the most beautiful weather on Thursday, April 11, as Guild members and their guests gathered to honor Mary Ann Belin and Faye Dunwoody and to celebrate the 22nd annual Silver Tea.  Spring flowers were abundant and the ladies enjoyed visiting in the beautiful setting of the River Oaks home of Vicki and Ken Douglas.  More than 200 guests arrived to celebrate the traditional afternoon tea.   Thanks to the generosity of many members and friends, more than $75,000 was raised to fund scholarships for graduate education and theology majors at HBU.  Co-Chairs Angie Angel, Ann Beeson and Carolyn Williams worked tirelessly on this special project, along with their many committee members and committee chairs, including Nancy Shomette and the Underwriting Committee. We extend a very special thank you to our Underwriters, as well, for the contributions to our scholarship fund.   Harpist, and HBU graduate, Deborah O’Donnell, made the afternoon complete with her beautiful music selections, and the delicious delicacies were catered by Silver Stone Events.  This was, indeed, a glorious day!  “This is the day the Lord hath made … let us rejoice and be glad!”

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  • 2011-2012 The Guild Silver Tea at the Home of Sheryl & Doug Bech
    It wasn’t long after Suzie Miller set the flowers in place, Ruth Terry brought in the delicious food, the valet personnel, Deborah O’Donnel our harpist, and all 9 committee chairs arrived with their teams setting the wheels in motion for our 2012 Silver Tea on April 12th.  The lovely home of Sheryl and Doug Bech was now ready as we honored Linda Higginbotham and Allene Lucas for their Christian leadership and dedication to The Guild.

    Our Silver Tea chair, Ruth Alford, was delighted as this annual event raised more than $81,000 for graduate scholarships in the School of Education and Theology by members and friends of The Guild.  We have been so blessed.  This was indeed a very special day.

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  • 2010-2011 The Guild Silver Tea at the Home of Dorothy & Ronald Cuenod

    A perfect sunny day greeted guests at the River Oaks home of Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Cuenod who hosted this year’s annual Silver Tea on March 3, 2011. The beautiful home overflowed with the generous sponsors and supporters who made this year’s fundraising effort for The Guild’s graduate education scholarship program a success. It was truly a memorable day due to the outstanding work of the many committee members.

    Co-Chairs:  Peg Harman and Jan Witham
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  • 2009-2010 The Guild Silver Tea at the Home of Sue Nan & Rod Cutsinger

    The sun was shining on Thursday, March 11, as Guild members and their guests gathered to honor Grace Gandy and to celebrate the 18th Silver Tea. Sue Nan and Rod Cutsinger opened their River Oaks home to more than 250 “Angels” for the traditional afternoon tea. Thanks to the generosity of many members and friends, more than $90,000 was raised to fund graduate scholarships for Christian classroom teachers. A special thank you to the many committee members who worked tirelessly on this special project.  This was, indeed, a glorious day.

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  • 2008-2009 The Guild Silver Tea at the Morris Cultural Arts Center

    The Silver Tea was enjoyed at the Morris Cultural Arts Center, with Joella Morris as Honorary Hostess and Honorary Chairs, Linda Dunham and Nan Schissler.

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  • 2007-2008 The Guild Silver Tea at the Home of Elysse and Bob Lanier

    The Silver Tea was hosted at the home of Elysse and Bob Lanier.

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