Tutoring and Services

  • Course-Specific Tutoring: offered in 90 courses in person*
  • Writing Tutoring: offered in-person and online*
  • Graduate Tutoring: offered in writing, along with in-person and online*
  • Academic Coaching:  personalized 15-30 minute weekly sessions assisting with time management and study skills
  • Supplemental Instruction: study sessions led by an upper-classmen peer who attends the class lecture*
  • Test Reviews: 2-hour reviews at the request of the professor before a major test
  • Workshops: focusing on high need areas
  • Weekly Study Groups: study groups with other students who can help each other
  • English Language Learner (ELL) and Reading Comprehension Support: assistance in learning reading and writing strategies for the English language

*Walk-In Hours Available

Schedule An Appointment

Services Begin January 24, 2022

Students can schedule appointments via Pathfinder or e-mail kansell@hbu.edu. To make an appointment on Pathfinder:

  • Use the HBU Portal to access Pathfinder
  • Select “Directory” on the left-hand navigation bar
  • Pick your course or type of tutoring and select a time that works for both you and the tutor

For all questions and concerns please email us.

Spring 2022 Tutor List

  • Klaire Ansell- MATH1313, MATH1305

Become A Tutor

We are so excited you are considering applying to be a member of our tutoring staff! Please review the requirements and guidelines for peer-tutor jobs and becoming a tutor.

Student Tutor Jobs