HBU Cheer

The mission of HBU Cheer is to unify students, players, alumni, and others in support of Houston Baptist University and its athletic teams.  As athletes, we motivate and entertain the crowd; we promote school spirit; and we represent the University at campus and community events. The HBU coed cheer squad has an exceptional standard and we need exceptional individuals to continue the tradition.


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  • What We Do


    • Cheer for our Football and Men’s and Women’s Basketball games
    • Perform at half-time shows and other various performance opportunities
    • Support men’s and women’s soccer, baseball, & softball, and volleyball
    • Travel to selected away games
    • Support the university through appearances and other performances.
  • Cheer Benefits


    • Cheer scholarships available
    • Eligible for many other grants and academic scholarships through the
    • Uniforms, shoes, camp, camp wear, and travel to away games provided
    • Tumbling/stunting lessons may be provided
    • Make lifelong friends and memories

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