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The purpose of the HBU-NSA is multi-faceted. BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing) students are required to be members of this pre-professional organization. The NSA is actually a constituency of the Texas Nursing Students’ Association and National Student Nurses Association. Students are given the opportunity to contribute and to participate in quality management of the nursing education program to assure proper preparation of student nurses for future assumption of professional responsibilities. The programs provided through NSA are devised by the students to represent both fundamental and current professional interests and concerns in the health care industry. The organization also strives to become more involved with the community and engage in health promotional opportunities.

Our main goal as NSA is to help students reach their highest potential by acquiring 60 hours of leadership and community service. As an HBU Nursing Student, it is required to maintain an active enrollment in both the campus/local as well as national Nursing Student Associations in order to receive NSA points which are mandatory for graduation. The Local NSA membership is purchased on campus at the Cashier’s office and the price depends on classification and/or length of membership desired.

The Nursing Student Association Houston Chapter mission is to transform students into professional nurses.

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