Campus Recreation

Campus Recreation is any pastime, diversion, physical activity or other resource affording relaxation and enjoyment to the participant. Of course, what one calls “relaxing” may be another’s cross to bear! Therefore, we offer myriad activities that allow you to find an activity that is right for you.

Three Components of Campus Recreation

Intramural Sports
“Within the walls” of HBU, we offer an assortment of recreational sports. The focus of Intramural Sports (IMS) is social integration, physical activity, and fun. IMS offers you the opportunity to participate in your favorite sport on a competitive recreational level.

Any HBU student can join an IMS team. You can form a team of your own – this could include anyone from your friends, organization/club members, to faculty/staff members that can still bring it. You can also sign-up as a free agent and be placed on a team. Sign-up for IMS at IMLeagues.

Club Sports
Are you interested in moving beyond IMS and taking your game to the next level? Well, Club Sports is for you! Sign up for one of HBU’s club sports programs and compete against other colleges and universities across the state.

Epic Adventures
Maybe you are not into the “sports” thing, that’s cool because we have another program for you. Epic Adventures is an eclectic mix of outdoor recreation and physical activity, some adventures are fun and relaxing while others can be daring and crazy! We do our best to integrate contemporary, pop culture topics with a touch of torture and a heaping amount of fun to provide you with a most epic experience! Join us on our next adventure! It will be epic.

Additional Resources
And if you’re not the team type nor an urban adventurer, but want to stay in shape, don’t forget to explore the Bradshaw Fitness Center. Along with great workout facilities, the Bradshaw Fitness Center offers classes in everything from Yoga, Zumba, HITT conditioning fitness classes and CrossFit Altus.

For more information about playing IMS, Club Sports or Epic Adventures, please contact us.

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