Department of Nursing

“Behold the handmaid of the Lord; give me this day my work to do, no, not my work, but Thine.” -Florence Nightingale

HBU Nursing Alumna Jennifer Turner ’14

Our nursing majors are committed to being “clock-builders, not time-tellers.” Houston Baptist University educates nurses to create healthcare delivery systems to meet the needs of individuals, families and groups in society, and not just function within the current system.

Because of this commitment, our students are organized into close-knit cohorts, each named after a famous time-piece; students form tight bonds as they progress through the degree program together. They take classes together, study together, pray together and mentor each other through the peer-assisted learning program of the Nursing Student Association. Who knows how the people you meet at HBU will affect your life and career in the future!

Please read about the BSN and BSN-Honors degrees available from HBU, and apply today. We can’t wait to see you!

Features of Nursing

  • Why HBU Nursing

    HBU’s School of Nursing & Allied Health has small, personal classes with high-tech support to facilitate learning. HBU nursing graduates are well-respected within the nursing and medical communities.

  • What to Expect

    The nursing program is rigorous and challenging. Expect to work hard, to learn more than you ever thought possible, and to love nursing.

  • What we believe

    HBU is a Christian university, and the School of Nursing and Allied Health teaches students to show the same care, compassion and global communication shown by Jesus. We also believe that nursing care is well-planned and evaluated for improvement, and includes critical thinking and the use of technology.

  • How you will benefit

    You will receive a comprehensive education which blends arts and science to help you perform as a Registered Nurse in a global society. Because of HBU’s reputation, you could have opportunities for exposure to some of the world’s best hospitals in the Texas Medical Center and beyond.