Art History (minor)

HBU offers a minor in Art History. This degree prepares one for the possibility of further graduate studies in Art History. There are a variety of target audiences including continuing education students, prospective art majors, history enthusiasts, and lovers of art wishing to expand their understanding and appreciation for the discipline. The courses offered in the Art History Minor are a combination of online and on-campus Art History and Studio Art courses. Students can select electives from a variety of Studio Art courses including Printmaking, Sculpture, Ceramics, Drawing and Painting.

This Art History minor is designed to help the student gain an understanding of the agency of visual representation of different cultures and time periods. Painting, sculpture and architecture are reflections of man’s thinking (social, religious and political) and the means through which he has sought to satisfy needs common to man of every age. The unique contribution made by each culture toward our art heritage is stressed along with influences of one culture on another.

The student is offered a variety of courses that provide technical training, historical background and professional competence while maintaining the dignity of individual opinion and direction. These studies are designed to generate interest and promote the understanding of art, which comes in part through analysis of creative works of past and present.

Our students are able to intimately experience true masterworks in our Fine Arts Museum. They also get to interact with current professionals who exhibit in our Contemporary Art Gallery.

Total Hours in Minor: 24-26

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