Elementary Education Interns

Elementary Education (EC-6) with Bilingual Certification (BS)

Changing demographics in the state of Texas and the United States as a whole have resulted in an increasingly diverse student population, and thus, an increasing demand for bilingual education teachers. This program will prepare students for a Bilingual Generalist Certification for EC-6 (early childhood through grade six), and will consist of bilingual elementary education and professional education coursework. All students must complete the Liberal Arts Core in addition to the below listed coursework. In addition to the required professional development courses and a full semester of Clinical Teaching (student teaching), in the School of Education, students must complete courses in one of the teaching fields offered at HBU for elementary grades.

Pre-Education Requirements: 
EDUC 2320 Learning and Development
EDSP 2302 Survey of Exceptional Children

Degree Plan: Elementary Education (EC-6) with Bilingual Certification