Doctor of Education (EdD) in Special Education Leadership

Program Description

The Doctor of Education in Special Education Leadership graduate program is designed to prepare educational leaders at the highest level for efficacy with special education programs, students, parents, staff, faculty, and stakeholders. This degree is applicable in educational and behavioral health settings. Graduates of the program have the opportunity to pursue careers as college professors, campus and district-based special education directors, administrators and private school leaders while furthering their knowledge and skill sets in the special education field. This program is offered through the College of Education and Behavioral Sciences.

Program Courses

Education Leadership Core (23 Hours Required)
EDLD 7200 Orientation for Doctoral Studies in Executive Educational Leadership 2
EDLD 7301 Cultural Competence for Educational Leaders 3
EDLD 7302 Leadership Theory and Applications 3
EDLD 7303 Rethinking Education with Emerging Technologies 3
EDLD 7304 Organizational Behavior and Theory 3
EDSP 7324 Instructional Practices in Special Education 3
EDLD 7307 Christian Worldview for Educational Leaders 3
EDLD 7308 Ethical Leadership and Governance 3
Research Core (22 Hours Required)
EDLR 7310 Accountability and Measurement for Current Issues in Education 3
EDLR 7311 Methods of Quantitative Educational Research 3
EDLR 7312 Qualitative Research Methodology 3
EDLR 7313 Applied Multivariate Statistics 3
EDLR 7116 Dissertation Research I 1
EDLR 7117 Dissertation Research II 1
EDLR 7118 Dissertation Research III 1
EDSU 7119 Dissertation Research IV 1
EDSU 7303 Public Policy in Education 3
EDLR 7323 Applied Research in Education 3
Special Education Leadership Core (18 Hours)
EDSU 7321 District Finance, Plant Planning, and Management 3
EDSP 7322 District and Community Relations for Special Education Leaders 3
EDSP 7323 Personnel Preparation and Collaboration in Special Education 3
EDSP 7321 Legal Issues and Policies in Special Education 3
EDSP 7325 Field Experience in Special education Leadership 3
EDSU 7310 Program Evaluation 3
  Total Hours 63

Advantages and Opportunities

  • Three-year program starting dissertation early in the program; the faculty members are hands-on from the beginning
  • Small cohort for the entire program; lifelong friendships and professional network
  • “No surprise” program: courses are laid out for three years, one night per week during the school year; candidates can have a full-time job while completing the program
  • Great location in Houston

After Graduation

Upon completion of the Special Education Leadership doctorate program, graduates will be qualified to seek positions such as university and community college faculty, Special Education Director, Special Education Coordinator, and Intervention Specialist. The EdD graduate will possess the skills to make changes to improve programs, communicate with government officials about funding, and advocate for the disabled.

What’s Next?

For more information, please contact:

Coordinator of EdD in Special Education Leadership, Assistant Professor of Education