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Next Issue Theme: “The (New?) Kingdom Economy”

CBR invites Christian scholars and practitioners to submit articles for publication in our next issue. The deadline for a first complete draft with a 300 word abstract is March 1, 2021.

The CBR serves to promote the integration of biblical truth into leadership practice by showcasing experiences, research, and original thinking by Christian scholars and practitioners. In the upcoming issue, we invite authors to ruminate on the theme of “The (New?) Kingdom Economy.

In 1955, theologian Dr. Carl Henry observed, that “separate the economic sphere from the living God and His claims, and humans will drift from one crisis to another under any economic formula.”[1] Today, the crisis we face is multifaceted – the coronavirus pandemic, civil and social unrest, antipathy toward Christianity, even the growing drumbeat of socialism. Yet Dr. Henry’s reminder of the challenge to marketplace Christians is timeless, despite changing circumstances: how shall we live to fulfill our stewardship so that we triumph over crises and adversity by holding fast to the precepts of God?

This theme may be examined at both the macro and micro levels. Rapidly changing social norms and economic reality position Christian business and its leaders in the vortex of macro policy changes (such as taxation, trade, healthcare, privacy, and affirmative action, etc.) and micro, firm level responses (technology, corporate culture, personnel hiring and training, marketing, finance, risk management, etc.). In this context, authors may want to examine questions such as:

  • Given the heightened debate at the national stage regarding macro policies (economic equality, trade, taxation, religious liberty, healthcare and regulation, etc.), what Scriptural guidelines can Christians (especially those in the marketplace) adhere to so that they do not err by “separating the economic sphere from the living God and His claims”?
  • The normal operations of business enterprises seem like a distant dream in late 2020 and early 2021. Almost all businesses have had to adjust operations, processes, expectations, and goals. As businesses adapt to the post-pandemic world order, how will business be different for Christians in the marketplace?
  • Are there biblically inspired models of work, workplace evangelism, financial stewardship, and business strategy that armor believers and their businesses against the torrents of a pandemic crisis, civil and social unrest, and evolving social norms hostile to Judeo-Christian values?
  • In what ways would believers, with their gaze on the eternal values, harness the opportunity to be “salt and light” to the business world as they demonstrate resilience in the face of hardship? How can Christians run with the mandate to redeem a fallen business world for God’s glory amidst such upheavals?

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The Editors
Christian Business Review

[1] Carl Henry, “Christianity and the Economic Crisis: Your Stewardship,” Speech presented at the 13th annual convention of the National Association of Evangelicals in Chicago, Illinois. Reprinted in Vital Speeches of the Day, 21(15) (April 1955), 1244. Access at: