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“…the best which has been thought or said.” – Matthew Arnold
Great works of literature tell us the story of who we are.

If you are inquisitive, open-minded, creative and desirous of discovering beauty, truth and goodness in literature, and you wish to develop communication and critical thinking skills through conversation and careful reading, then you should study English at HBU.

The Power of an English Degree

The most powerful tool we have is language. English majors at Houston Baptist University focus on exploring both the artistry of words as well as developing the tools for critical thinking and writing. Whether it be a Shakespearean tragedy or a corporate report, those studying English can interpret the world around them and translate their thoughts into clear language, preparing them for the workplace, graduate study and a trajectory of lifelong learning. Our graduates enter the fields of teaching, law, professional writing, creative writing and business as they take their ability to interpret language with them into artistic, professional and personal endeavors. Beginning with a concentration on poetry, drama and prose, and including courses in the Great Texts as well as American and British literature, English majors master both the classics and contemporary works while developing their skills in oral and written communication.

English Major Student Testimonies

From our recent graduates:

“Studying English at Houston Baptist University is one of the best choices I could have made during my collegiate career. The decorated faculty department, thought-provoking lectures, and intimate class sizes are few of the many exciting things that the program has to offer. Most importantly, it has been special to continue cultivating relationships with professors who I have grown to admire greatly.” – Nina Harrison, BA English 2010

“I spent years trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my education and my future. I worked (and played) and tried out many of the various educational institutions that Houston had to offer. In 2007, I sat for my first class in Continental Literature at HBU, and it was like clicking into place that last LEGO I had been scouring my room for hours for to make my masterpiece whole. I wanted to study English, and I wanted to study it with the professors at HBU. The three years from start to finish with HBU’s English department were an experience I will never forget and will forever cherish. Though I was elated to have finally graduated in May of 2010, I was certainly saddened my time with my professors was over. Now, I own and run General Academic, an academic consultancy, with my business partner.  I have written two books, one on Houston’s schools (private and public) and one on the ISEE (a private school admissions test). We have opened an office in Dallas, and we will be opening more in the future. In the end, I’m beyond thankful for my education at HBU’s English department. The professors and my classmates helped shape who I am and will continue to shape who I will be.” – Stephen Hayes, BA English 2010

“I loved being an English major at HBU. Not only did my classes and classmates just feel like home, they allowed me to think critically, write freely and communicate effectively. I was also constantly inspired by my professors, who had such an incredible enthusiasm for literature and really pushed me to think with an open mind.  Since graduation, I’ve been working within the nonprofit sector, focusing on improving education for underserved, public school students in NYC while also working towards an MSEd in community-based learning from Bank Street College. I love teaching and empowering youth and have taken so many best practices from my supportive and passionate English professors at HBU!”  – Claire Casuyon, BA English 2010

“Studying English at HBU was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Not only did I have excellent professors who were truly passionate about literature, I developed critical thinking and writing skills that have been extremely beneficial to my life. As a graduate student of Library Science and library assistant, I call upon the skills I learned at HBU daily. Being well-read and having the ability to research and articulate important information is necessary for a librarian.” – Devon Greene, BA English 2008

Jobs for English Majors and Jobs for English Degrees

While many English majors go on to teach, the ability to think critically, analyze ideas and communicate effectively is in great demand in today’s marketplace.

Because of this, English majors find jobs in:

  • journalism
  • law
  • management
  • marketing
  • sales
  • technical writing
  • copy-editing
  • museum curating
  • literary and film criticism
  • library science
  • research analysis
  • public relations
  • literature
  • etc….

Further Study After Your Bachelors Degree in English

Our English degree will also prepare you for graduate studies. HBU English majors have been admitted into law school and graduate programs in English and other fields in the humanities. We encourage students who intend to apply to graduate schools to take our course on Literary Theory. Students seeking further distinction may attain departmental honors through successful completion of a 30-page thesis through independent study with a faculty member.

What Next?

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