Applying to HBU

COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions for Admissions

If you want to become part of a university with a commitment to academic excellence, spiritual growth and development of moral character, you’ve come to the right place. At HBU, we’ll not only prepare you to be successful in your career, but as a human being. And the skills you learn here, like how to think critically, apply faith to everyday life and work well with others, will help you to become a lifelong learner and scholar.

Applying to HBU is fast and easy. And we’re excited to welcome yet another year of new students. In just three simple steps, you can apply online with no essay component and no fee. You’ll also receive a quick decision. So, do you have 20 minutes?

Freshman Application
Transfer Application


Previous Undergraduate Applicants:

If you have been admitted to HBU within the last year but did not attend, you do not have to re-apply. Instead, please complete the online update form.

Previous HBU Students:

If you have previously attended HBU and wish to return please see the readmission process.

Transient Students:

Transient students are current undergraduate students at a university other than HBU who desire to enroll at HBU for a single term with the intention of returning to their university. This excludes students who have already earned a bachelor’s degree. Please view the Transient Student procedures.

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