Additional Undergraduate Scholarships

The following scholarships are offered on a first-come, first-served basis depending on availability. Scholarship applications do not guarantee acceptance or receipt of funds.

Church Matching
Up to $4,000 divided over 8 undergraduate semesters ($1,000 per academic year)
Residential students may qualify for this scholarship opportunity. Christian churches may contribute scholarship dollars to a full-time, undergraduate student. The University will match dollar for dollar up to $1,000. To receive this award, admitted students should submit a letter of recommendation from the church on official church letterhead along with a check for the dollar amount the church is awarding the student to the Financial Aid Office. Checks & letters for matching will be accepted until the first class day of the current semester.
Ministerial Dependents Grant
$8,000 divided over 8 undergraduate semesters
($2,000 per academic year)
Residential students may qualify for this scholarship opportunity. Dependent children of Baptist ministers and missionaries may apply. To qualify you must submit a letter on the church/missions organization letterhead employing the parent. The letter must confirm the parent is a current paid, full-time employment on staff and it must be signed by the pastor/supervisor. Please submit this to the Financial Aid Office directly. Recipients must be unconditionally admitted to HBU and maintain a 2.8 cumulative HBU grade point average and full-time enrollment.   Deadline is the first class day of the current semester.
BGCT Ministerial Scholarships
$50 per credit hour
$75 per credit hour for Juniors and Seniors (who major or minor in Christianity)

To qualify a student must be someone who has accepted Christ as Lord and personal Savior, and is a member of a Baptist Church.  The student must show Church-affirmed evidence of a sense of call to the ministry.  Students participating in this program also receive special guidance and participate in programs to help them pursue their calling.

Grants in Aid
Awards may vary
Residential students may qualify for these scholarship opportunities. Students who contribute special abilities or services to the University may qualify. Grants are awarded in music, art, cheer, forensics, athletics and nursing (BSN). Students interested in these grants should contact the individual departments for more information on available awards and criteria for those awards.
Project ADELANTE Scholarship
Awards may vary
For students who have been accepted into the HBU Educator Prep Program and plan to major in Education, while also earning ESL or Bilingual Education certification. Students interested in this scholarship can fill out the online application.
Grace Hopper Scholarship
Awards May Vary
For full-time new or current students majoring in Computer Science, Cyber Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Physics, Math or Chemistry. Applicants must have graduated from a Texas high school, intend to work in Texas post-graduation, and have a STEM GPA of 2.75 (for current students) or an SAT score of 1070 or ACT score of 21 (for first-time students). Learn more about the Grace Hopper scholarship and award opportunities or submit your application online.
Stewart Morris Wharton Scholarship
Awards may vary
For transfer students from Wharton County Junior College (Wharton location) and high school graduates from Wharton High School or surrounding small towns. Interested students can complete the online application.

Scholarship Opportunities Outside of HBU

The Financial Aid Office can be a resource for students who desire to find additional aid from outside sources. Organizations, individuals and foundations send copies of their scholarship eligibility requirements and applications to our office for student review. Students who are interested should visit the Financial Aid Office during our regular business hours to review this resource and discuss other aid options.