Attending a higher education institution is an investment in your future. For many students, earning a scholarship can be a fantastic way to finance that investment. At HBU, we offer a wide range of scholarships to help meet the educational needs of a variety of students. During the review of your admission application to the University, your application is automatically selected to see if you meet the requirements for one or more of our undergraduate merit scholarships or graduate scholarships. To view the eligibility requirements for each of the scholarships, click on the applicable link listed below.

If you have any questions about HBU’s Scholarships, contact the Financial Aid Office.

All outside scholarship checks should be mailed to:

Houston Baptist University
PO Box 4897
Department 529
Houston, Texas 77210

Students should provide their HBU H number on each check.

Earn Micro-Scholarships at HBU

HBU has partnered with to offer “micro-scholarships” that recognize your accomplishments in high school and allow you to start earning scholarship money starting in 9th grade! Students can earn scholarships for visiting campus, earning an “A” in a class, participating in a sport, performing community service, and much more! Students can earn up to $14,000 per year! These awards are a guaranteed minimum scholarship to be awarded at HBU and do not stack on top of other freshman merit awards. Freshman applicants can earn these micro-scholarships through October 31st of their senior year. Students must submit their scholarships to HBU by that date. Go to to sign up and start earning scholarships at HBU!