Suggested Packing List

What to Pack:

In a duffle bag that you can carry to your dorm on the first day of camp:
 Bed Linens: Single sheet set and a blanket, or sleeping bag and twin-size fitted sheet. Pillow.
 Bath towel and washcloth (2 sets)
 Swimsuit (girls need a one-piece or tankini that covers the midriff)
 Swim towel
 Toiletries: soap, shampoo/conditioner, toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant.
 Physical Bible (Mobile not allowed)
 Insect repellant


A change of clothes for each day is necessary, as well as extra set in case of emergencies.
 Shorts (must reach to the end of the fingertips)
 Shirts (loose fitting)
 Plain White T-Shirt (This will be getting messy!)
 Undergarments
 Socks
 1 pair of long pants
 2 sets of pajamas
 Rainy / Messy clothes
 2 pair of closed toe & sandals are acceptable
 Water shoes or old tennis shoes for water events
 Camouflage or dark clothing for night game
 Sunscreen
 Laundry bag
 Water bottle with a secure lid
 Rain gear – poncho or rain jacket, boots, umbrella, etc. (weather applicable)
 Several large resealable bags for packing wet items on last day

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