Groups, Activities and Sessions

  • 1. What will the campers be doing?


    Sessions hosted by HBU faculty, staff and students. Campers will get to choose one academic and one extra-curricular session.

    Community Service

    One of the three full days of camp will be devoted to service work in our community.


    Every morning and evening, campers will take part in a worship session lead by HBU’s own Refuge band, faculty and staff. Daily devotionals will be lead by HBU Students.

    Fun and Games

    Sports, recreation, and games will be held daily! HBU’s own REC Team will add to the fun throughout the week!

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  • 2. What type of community service will they be involved in?

    Campers will participate in a variety of age appropriate community service projects around the Houston area.

  • 3. What will the nightly activities include?

    Nightly activities will include a movie night and talent show in Dunham Theater, fun and games out at our Husky Stadium, devotionals from our counselors, praise and worship, games and exhilarating activities planned by our staff and recreational teams.

  • 4. What sessions will be offered?

    Sessions focusing in academics, athletics and the arts will be offered. Students will be sorted into their sessions based on their preferences on their registration form.

  • 5. Who will be hosting the sessions?

    Faculty, staff and students from Houston Baptist University will be hosting each session.

  • 6. Who will be leading worship, devotionals, and sermons?

    Camp Pastor, Saleim Kahleh ’87

    Saleim headshot

    Saleim was raised as a Muslim in a loving Islamic home. After his first year of college, Saleim went on a quest to find the TRUTH about God and religion. The Lord Jesus revealed Himself to Saleim, and now he testifies around the world about “The Goodness of God”. Saleim Kahleh graduated in 1984 from Houston Baptist University (HBU) with a Bachelor of Science in Christianity and Recreational Sports. Employed by HBU for over thirty years, he has served as the Director for Intramural Sports, Assistant Soccer Coach, Coordinator of Student Affairs, Director for the Men’s Residence College, Coordinator for Prayer and Evangelism, Director of Campus Recreation, and Associate University Minister. He married Melanie Hancock in May of 1999 and they now have six beautiful children: Karah Grace, Saleim II, Simeon, Hannah Joy, Elianah Shalom, and Samuel Zachariah. Melanie Kahleh graduated from HBU in 1995 with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Music and Christianity and taught Pre-K through 8th grade for three years. Perfectly matched in callings, Melanie also has a passionate desire for all people to know and experience the love and goodness of God. Saleim and Melanie are both actively involved in the ministries of Lakewood Church. They are former Directors of the Radical Singles and Koinonia, former teachers in the New Beginnings class and currently serve as prayer partners. In addition, they minister in several venues at Lakewood including missions training, compass classes and water baptism.

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    Devotionals will be led by Camp HBU Counselors.

    Additional sermons will be led by HBU Faculty members.


  • 7. Can my camper be in the same group as their friends?

    Campers will grouped according to a specific age range with age appropriate planning for devotionals and small group activities.  While we will do our best to match your child with a friend, if ages are not in the same range, they may be place in different groups.  Keep in mind meals and many other large group activities will provide plenty of opportunities for friends in different groups to spend time with one another.  And, the opportunity to make new friends is always a positive thing!


Dietary and Medical

  • 1. My camper has dietary restrictions, how do I ensure these restrictions will be met?

    Camp HBU can accommodate all dietary restrictions excluding celiac, kosher or halal. Please list any dietary restrictions on the final registration form that will be sent out on May 1 and due June 1. If you have any questions, please contact the HBU Events office at (281) 649-3047 or email 

  • 2. Where/what will they be eating for meals?

    Campers will be eating the Baugh Residential Restaurant. Campers can choose from an assortment of stations including comfort, Deli, exhibition, fried rice, grill, pizza/pasta, and salad bar. View the food options.

  • 3. What meals will be provided?

    Campers will be provided meals from dinner on Monday through breakfast on Friday.  The Baugh dining hall at HBU offers a variety of food options including salad and sandwich bars,  culturally diverse foods, burgers and pizza. All foods will be prepared by Aramark Catering on campus. 

  • 4. What if my camper is sick or injured while at camp?

    It is our hope that all campers remain healthy and able to participate in all aspects of camp. Just in case though, we will have staff members who are certified through the Red Cross on campus at all times, and the university is closely located to Memorial Hermann Hospital – Southwest.  In all emergencies, the child’s emergency contact will be alerted. 

  • 5. How is medicine distributed throughout the week?

    At check-in, please provide the medications needed for the camper inside of the original container with specific instructions on how it should be distributed throughout the week. Camp HBU intends to distribute prescribed medication at each meal time, or before bed as needed by a nurse. Only medication provided by the guardians of the camper will be given.

  • 6. Can my camper attend camp if they have ADD or ADHD?

    At check-in, please provide the medications needed for the camper inside of the original container with specific instructions on how it should be distributed throughout the week.

  • 7. Can Camp HBU accommodate a camper with special needs?

    While we are not equipped to handle campers that need one on one attention, we are able to accommodate some special needs campers. Please contact HBU Events office at (281) 649-3047 or email to discuss your campers specific needs.  


  • 1. Who will be supervising the campers during the day and at night?

    Campers will always be accompanied with a college counselor as well as our CIT’s. During off campus activities, they will be accompanied by University staff.  

  • 2. What is the selection processes for Counselors and CITs?

    Counselors have applied through HBU’s Student Life Leadership application for which they must meet GPA requirements, provide a faith statement, be actively enrolled in the University, be active in HBU organizations, have no disciplinary marks, and go through a series of interviews with HBU Events to be selected.  

    CITs (Counselors in Training) must provide a faith statement, be actively enrolled in school, be between the ages of 16 and 18, have a church reference, and be personally interviewed by our Camp staff. 

  • 3. What is camper to staff ratio?

    A maximum of eight campers to one staff member.

Other Concerns

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