Houston Christian University Catalog

Master of Fine Arts ( MFA ) Course Descriptions

  • MFA 5363 Graduate Experimental Digital Methods and Materials III

    Prerequisite(s): MFA 5361 and MFA 5362

    This course will enhance the fine arts studio experience by integrating experimental digital tools. Starting with simple and practical image editing and correction, the student quickly branches out into using the computer as another important tool in creating art. Course topics may include: working with digital photography, digital drawing and painting, 3D software, sound art, video art and the technology behind installation art. The students will research the history of movements within digital art (Generative Art, glitch, Datamoshing, etc.) They will explore the virtual tools and materials that state-of-the-art digital media has to offer. These cutting-edge programs (including Painter, Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects, Ableton Live, etc.) provide an amazing variety of flexible and expressive possibilities. This digital studio course is designed to integrate with the hands-on studio experience, opening new dynamic, creative directions for the student as they develop their thesis.