Houston Baptist University Catalog

Human Services ( HSRV ) Course Descriptions

  • HSRV 7301 Mental Health and Communities
    Prerequisite(s): None
    In this course students will explore and analyze the range of mental health services and how they interact in various community settings. Topics covered will include the history of mental disorders and the changes that have occurred in treatment over the last century.

  • HSRV 7302 Program Planning and Consultation in Mental Health
    Prerequisite(s): None
    This course provides an overview of the program planning process and consultation services, administration, and program evaluation procedures for various agencies, hospitals, schools, churches, and related entities. Students will acquire skills in identifying and implementing effective facilitation approaches, negotiation, and advocacy action plans.

  • HSRV 7303 Policies, Economics, and Services in Mental Health
    Prerequisite(s): None
    In this course students will analyze major policy issues and the economic impact on communities as it relates to mental health issues. Students will explore the access to mental health treatment and utilization patterns and use economic theory to predict changes in access and how they influence the design and implementation of mental health services and policies.

  • HSRV 7304 Multicultural Issues in Mental Health
    Prerequisite(s): None
    This course is designed to examine the advanced scope of multicultural issues in mental health and communities. Exploring the systemic and community perspectives relevant to multicultural, diversity, and social justice issues and the role of racial, ethnic, and cultural heritage, , nationality, socioeconomics status, family structure, age, gender, religious, and spiritual beliefs, occupation, physical, and mental status, local, regional, national, international perspective, and issues of equity such as oppression, under represented, power, and privilege.

  • HSRV 7305 Community Mental Health Administration & Law
    Prerequisite(s): None
    In this course students will discuss current trends and technology, and opportunities related to mental health management. This course will include topics such as mental health business and management, budget models, ethical business and marketing practices, billing, insurance, integrated behavioral healthcare models, Medicaid, Medicare, and HIPPA and FERPA compliances.

  • HSRV 7306 Trauma and Community Crisis
    Prerequisite(s): None
    This course examines the nature and effects of crisis, trauma, and natural disasters on or within communities. Exploring and developing strategies and training to work with situational crisis and epidemics that affect school, faith instructions, emergency care and facilities, and communities at large. This course will examine human service delivery systems and guidelines for attending to the emotional and mental health needs of both disaster survivors and responders as well as counseling responses and interaction with national, religious, and governmental relief agencies such as FEMA and The American Red Cross.