Testimonials from Current Honors Scholars

Devony Malone, Honors College Student

“The Honors College has truly transformed my outlook on life and has challenged me to articulate my ideas precisely and to press on even when I do not fully understand my own thoughts. The Honors college has transformed me into an open individual. I am now a student who is able to discuss the classics, mathematics, astronomy, physics, and religion. I feel inspired to think, write, and communicate well in all of my future endeavors.”
—Devony Malone, Medical Humanities Major 

“C. S. Lewis said that through his readings he learned to love goodness. This is what I learned and relearned  in my experience in the Honors College: goodness, wisdom, truth, virtue, and beauty. In the Honors College, we read, not to meet the requirements for an assignment, but to grow our souls. We do not just read words on a page, but learn to let those words touch our hearts and minds and to let them shape us into having love and knowledge of God—to shape us into virtuous people. We learn to know what the good life is and to strive after it. We learn to not just to have an intellectual understanding of what Socrates and Aristotle say the good life is, but to know what the good life is deep within our souls.”
—Maria Louise Cook, Writing Major

Brian Davis

“Being in the Honors College is one of the most challenging things that I have been through, but I can also say that is also one of the most rewarding. Most think that engineering has nothing to do with writing and reading, but one of the most important parts of being an engineer is the ability to communicate effectively. Through the Honors College, I have been grown significantly in my articulation of information. I look forward to all of the exciting things I will learn in the future from being a part of this amazing community. Though the road may be narrow and bumpy at times, if you stick it out until the end you will become someone you could never dream of becoming.”
—Brian Davis, Engineering Major

Cameron Morvant

“The Honors College offers a unique chance to explore the greatest stories humanity has ever produced, and an even more unique opportunity to dive into them with peers and professors as hungry for the truth as you are. It’s more than just that, of course, and I could go on and on about the memories I’ve made with and the community that I wouldn’t have had otherwise. That’s just a bonus, though; there’s a real learning going on in the Honors College, and I think all of us ought to get that sense of real learning while we can. Read, write, discuss; it’ll change your life.”
—Cameron Morvant, Writing Major