Honors College Graduating Class of 2019

The Honors College Experience

Many Honors College students soon discover that the liberal arts foundation they receive within the Honors College is instrumental in their major and minor classes.  In the same way, Honors College alumni have noticed the impact their Honors College education has had on their post-graduate studies and professional work. Whether our students go on to continue their education in the legal or medical fields, to teach in the classroom, or to serve as administrators, their experience in the Honors College prepares them to accomplish any task.

You can read more about our student experience in our newsletter: News and Notes from Halfway There.

Testimonials from Employers:

From a Senior Manager at a Global Business Services Company:
The HBU Honors College graduates we employ represent our company well. They are phenomenal leaders and good mentors to members of the team. They are able to integrate their teams by consistently communicating with peers and motivating them throughout our busy seasons. Their involvement is not only at the service line level but also across our company’s national initiatives, and they have gained respect and appreciation from peers across the country. They have transformed what it means to be a transformational leader and others have been able to flourish under their leadership.
From a Senior Administrator at a K-12 School:
In recent years, we have hired a number of HBU Honors College graduates as faculty and staff at our school and have been universally impressed with their thoughtfulness, passion, and creativity. Even straight out of college, Honors College graduates can be trusted to be ethical, invested, and responsible leaders, in and out of a classroom setting. They invest in a community and make it better, build great relationships with their peers, colleagues, and students, and bring their unique talents to whatever they do, whether that is giving a lecture, running an online classroom, teaching piano, or coaching football.