The Guild

The Guild Scholarship in Graduate Education

Through their efforts, The Guild has provided the means for energetic, bright, responsible graduate students to experience for themselves the life-shaping, Christ-centered educational excellence that is Houston Baptist.

As of May 2018, The Guild has contributed more than  $1.8 million to HBU for scholarships in the College of Education and Behavioral Sciences and the School of Christian Thought,  special projects and The Guild Institute in Christian Family Studies.

  • In May 1999 The Guild completed the E.D. “Doug” Hodo Endowed Scholarship in Graduate Education.
  • In May 2000 a second endowed scholarship, The Guild Endowed Scholarship in Graduate Education was established.
  • In May 2002 the third endowed scholarship was completed and named Sharon Elaine Saunders Endowed Scholarship in Graduate Education.
  • In May 2004 a fourth endowed scholarship in graduate education was completed and named The Guild Presidents’ Endowed Scholarship in Graduate Education.
  • In May 2006 a fifth endowed scholarship was initiated; in December of 2006 it was named in honor of President Robert B. Sloan, Jr. The Robert B. Sloan, Jr. Endowed Scholarship was completed in 2009.
  • In December 2010 a sixth endowed scholarship was initiated and named the Sue Collier Sloan Endowed Scholarship; in May 2011 an additional gift was added to the Sue Collier Sloan Endowed Scholarship designated for graduate education in the School of Theology. The scholarship was completed in 2012.
  • In May 2015 the latest endowed scholarship was added in honor of Grace Gandy.  The Grace Gandy Endowed Scholarship designated for the Executive Educational Leadership (EdD) program.
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