Previous Guild Fall Coffees

The Fall Coffee has a legacy of bringing the Guild members together to welcome our new members and rekindle friendships. Enjoy previous Fall Coffees hosted by The Guild by clicking on the links below:

  • 2020-2021 Fall Coffee - Belin Chapel

    The 2020 Fall Coffee was one event that was not cancelled!  Co-chairs Cookie Peeler and Deany Meinke created a new event:  a coffee-less Coffee!  Endowed scholarship recipient Emely Benitez expressed her appreciation and gratitude to the members of The Guild.  Dr. Rhonda Furr, professor of Music, blessed us with “How Great Thou Art” on the beautiful pipe organ in Belin Chapel.  Student vocalist Noemi Martinez sang “The Lord’s Prayer” and Dr. Robert Sloan provided an update of upcoming activities at the school.  In closing, he presented Cheryl Kaminski, outgoing president, with a framed Bible page from the book of Isaiah.

    As guests left the Coffee, they received leather-bound prayer journals and a box of refreshments to go!

    The theme of the Coffee was “Pray for America,” focusing on 2 Chronicles 7:14:
    “If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their  wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.”

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  • 2019-2020 Fall Coffee - Lisa & Al Hartman

    The Guild’s Fall Coffee, chaired by Jennifer Ferguson, was held on October 17 at the home of Lisa and Al Hartman.  Guild President Cheryl Kaminski welcomed guests, recognized new members, and introduced Michael Sam, recipient of the Sue Collier Sloan Endowed Scholarship. Michael, who is working toward a Master of Arts in Theological Studies, graciously thanked The Guild members for investing in his future.

    Dr. Sloan gave an overview of activities and upcoming events on the HBU campus and then presented Lisa a framed pre-1650 King James Version page from the Dunham Bible Museum.

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  • 2018-2019 Fall Coffee - Donna & Michael Bahorich

    The Guild’s annual Fall Coffee held on October 4 was a wonderful kickoff to the 2018-2019 season. All the right ingredients were present with a hint of fall, sunshine, flowers, and a perfect setting. More than 70 women, happy to see each other after the summer months, enjoyed lively fellowship in the spacious home of Donna and Michael Bahorich, a couple well known to many of the attendees. Guests relished in sampling a delicious assortment of homemade tea sandwiches and incredible sweets prepared by members of the Fall Coffee Committee, chaired by Gail Layne and Jeanne Walker.

    After opening in prayer Guild President Cheryl Kaminski welcomed everyone, specially acknowledging 18 new members. The Guild’s primary mission is to raise funds to award scholarships to students pursuing advanced degrees. For the 2018-2019 academic year, five Endowed Scholarships and 18 Annual Scholarships were presented to deserving candidates. Jade Myers, a recipient of an Endowed Scholarship, was the day’s featured speaker. Jade expressed her grateful appreciation to The Guild and shared in eloquent detail her interests and plans for a future in ministry.

    Dr. Robert Sloan gave an update on the ambitious plans and activities taking place at HBU and shared other notable University news. At the conclusion of the event, Dr. Sloan presented Donna Bahorich with an ornately framed page from an antique Bible in appreciation of her gracious hospitality in making possible this memorable occasion.

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  • 2017-2018 Fall Coffee - Laurie & Wade Phillips

    On October 5, 2017, the weather was perfect with sunshine and a touch of Houston fall in the air at the home of Laurie and Wade Phillips. Guests were welcomed into their splendid home filled with collectable family treasures including football memorabilia from both Wade and his dad, Bum. A whimsical frog décor was noted throughout the home as well as in the beautifully landscaped yard.

    The dining room table was filled with delicious tea sandwiches and many wonderful treats provided by the committee. The meeting was presided over by The Guild President, Ruth Alford. She thanked our gracious hostess, Laurie, for opening their lovely home, introduced our committee chairs, Dana Grigsby and Cookie Peeler, and gave a preview of The Guild activities for the coming year. Sixteen new and returning members were introduced and given a special welcome. This year’s scholarship recipient, Calvin Williams and his wife were introduced. Calvin thanked the Guild for making it possible for him to continue his education in theology.

    Dr. Sloan gave an update on the University and upcoming events, then presented Laurie with a framed Bible page containing verses from 1st Corinthians 9 pertaining to athletes exercising self-control in order to receive an imperishable reward.

    The coffee was attended by over 90 guests who had a fun time visiting with old friends and making new ones. It was enjoyed by all.


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  • 2016-2017 Fall Coffee  - Dena & Jay Williams

    On October 13, 2016, the Fall Coffee was held in the home of Jay and Dena Williams where we honored our new members. Our opening prayer was given by Anne Roper. The meeting was conducted by our president, Ruth Alford.  Tommie Lejeune and Lynn Tyger chaired their event and all the fabulous food was prepared by Guild members.  Kandy Brittain gave an overview of what is happening on the HBU campus.  She also expressed the condolences of Dr. & Mrs. Sloan and Sharon Saunders as they were attending the services for Dr. Doug Hodo, the second president of HBU, and unable to attend the Coffee.  A framed page of the 1610 Geneva Bible was presented to Dena Williams as a sincere “thank you” for opening up their home for our Coffee.  Joshua Jones, a theology student, was the recipient of the Sue Sloan Scholarship last year.  He gave a testimonial of how this scholarship has changed his life. His wife Rebecca and their 2-month old son Jeremiah were also in attendance. Chairs, or co-chairs, of all the committees gave informative updates encouraging members to attend our events and to bring a guest. We all left feeling very blessed and thankful for HBU and The Guild.

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  • 2015-2016 Fall Coffee  - Sharon & William Morris

    The 2015 Fall Coffee Co-Chairs were thrilled to learn that Sharon and William Morris offered to open their beautiful home for The HBU Guild’s Annual Fall Coffee. Their gracious hospitality and the beauty of their home was a perfect backdrop to welcome new and current members of The Guild.

    Co-Chairs, Bobbi Robinson, Cheryl Dalton, and Madeline Collier, and a committee of wonderful volunteers, provided a selection of tea sandwiches and a variety of desserts served on silver trays. They were displayed on the Morris’s dining room table featuring a gorgeous centerpiece designed and created by Sharon Morris. A special thank you to Dan Kramlich from HBU’s Music Department who played the piano to our delight.

    The Fall Coffee Program began with our President, Jan Witham, speaking about a special Guild scholarship recipient, Dawn Wilson.  Dr. Robert Sloan, the President of HBU, welcomed new members, discussed the University and the Morris’s art collection.  HBU Executive Director, Sharon Saunders, presented a history of the Guild’s scholarships. The program concluded with a presentation to our host and hostess, a framed page from an antique Bible that could not be restored. Needless to say Mr. and Mrs. Morris were thrilled to receive this special gift of thanks.

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  • 2014-2015 Fall Coffee  -  Kandy & Bill Brittain

    The Fall Coffee was held on October 23rd in the fabulous new home of Kandy and Bill Brittain. Their gracious hospitality created a welcoming atmosphere and true love for The Guild and its mission.

    Guild President Jan Witham made warm introductory remarks about The Guild’s 40th anniversary being underway on the HBU campus. She thanked the Brittains for opening their lovely home and introduced Dr. Robert Sloan who gave an update on the University’s growth and upcoming events that further the vision for this great educational institution. He then presented the Brittains with a framed pre-1650 King James Version page from the Durham Bible Museum collection!

    Jan Witham recognized Alex Solorio, recipient of the 2014 Sue Sloan Endowed Scholarship, who thanked the Guild for making it possible for him to continue his higher education in theology. The program concluded with much enthusiasm for scholarship support, the importance of memorable times with like-minded friends, and the knowledge that we are blessed to serve others through the Guild.

    Coffee Chairs Janice Good, Pat Ingram and Carolann Moore, along with a wonderful committee of volunteers, prepared a delicious array of assorted foods served on the Brittain’s fabulous silver collection. This event honoring new members was a special time for all.

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  • 2013-2014 Fall Coffee   -  Linda and Brad Brock

    The fabulous home of Linda and Brad Brock was the magnificent setting for the annual coffee on October 10, 2013. The weather was perfect as the guests were welcomed by the hostess and Dr. Sloan into the grand foyer and living area. As the members enjoyed touring the spacious home of the gracious hostess they renewed friendships and met new members. Those in attendance were surrounded by lovely flowers and fall decorations and the sounds of familiar songs played on the grand piano by Jessamine Grace Sikes, a student from HBU. The exquisite dining room and dramatic dining room table with a bountiful seasonal arrangement was the gorgeous scene for the delicious selection of homemade treats provided by the committee.

    Debra Perich, the Guild President, led the program by giving the members an overview of the exciting activities for the coming year. A wonderfully informative update was provided by Dr. Sloan about the vision for the future and developing plans for the University. In conclusion, heartfelt details from the benefits of receiving her scholarship and grateful appreciation were expressed by Linsey McCoun, the scholarship recipient.

    Co-chairs, Heather Davis and Kathleen Evans were appreciative for all the lovely members who attended and for the committed volunteers who helped to make this event a huge success.

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  • 2012-2013 Fall Coffee   -  Carole Look

    On a crisp, cool fall morning, Guild members were welcomed to the annual coffee on October 4 by a colorful, harvest display at the home of Carole Look.  As the members gathered in the beautifully decorated living area and mum-adorned deck, they renewed friendships and met new members.  All in attendance enjoyed the sound of familiar hymns and tunes played by Jackie Bond.  The dining table was inviting with a bountiful seasonal arrangement and a gourmet selection of “goodies” provided by the Fall Coffee Committee.

    The program, led by Guild President Debra Perich, featured enlightening words from Dr. Sloan concerning the University’s vision for the future and current developing plans.  In addition, all in attendance were impressed by the words from John Wethington, recipient of the Sue Collier Sloan Endowed Scholarship.

    Co-Chairs Lucy Carl and Judy Craig were grateful for the enthusiastic members who attended and for the committed volunteers who worked diligently to make this event a success.

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  • 2011-2012 Fall Coffee  -  Lisa & Joe Calvert

    On a lovely fall day the Guild met at the stunning home of Lisa and Joe Calvert for our annual Fall Coffee honoring the new members. As the ladies gathered to the beautiful piano music of familiar tunes and hymns played by Carla Barrows, the rooms filled with love and laughter as can be felt by women who share a common cause and Christian fellowship. Greeters were welcoming, the table offering was delicious, and the fall centerpiece beautifully inviting.

    Dr. Robert Sloan delivered an enlightened view of the development of HBU. Anne Roper led the program which included a heart-felt prayer from Chaplain Lu Frazier, words from scholarship recipient, Cindy Shieh, who attended with her principal, a report from HBU Vice President for University Relations, Sharon Saunders, and an overview of Guild events to come.

    Co-chairs, Marsha Eckermann and Peg Harman were grateful for a lovely gathering celebrating the membership and camaraderie of the HBU Guild.

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  • 2010-2011 Fall Coffee  -  Carolyn & Dr. Jack Little

    There was excitement in the air as we welcomed 28 new members to The Guild at the Fall Coffee. Between the truffles and the famous lemon sandwiches, the ladies of The Guild visited with friends as we kicked off our new Guild year. A special thanks goes to Carolyn Little for opening her beautiful home to welcome our organization. President Robert Sloan greeted our members with exciting news about Houston Baptist University and the publicity that HBU is receiving from several different publications. He pointed out that First Things magazine has scored HBU as #3 in the category of “Schools on the Rise Filled with Excitement” and #11 as one of the “Best Seriously Protestant Schools.” Our own delightful Sue Sloan was there to greet us and assure us that God is in control of our destiny.

    One of our annual scholarship recipients, Katie Alaniz, gave us a wonderful report of her scholarship adventure and the love that she has for teaching. Her young students are so excited that she also has homework, just like them, and that she can relate to them in this way. We are thrilled that our scholarship recipients are so talented and focused on what God can do in their lives through higher education.

    Of course, the day would not have been so delightful if the gracious Fall Coffee Committee had not been hard at work cooking and organizing such a terrific event. Thanks goes to all!

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  • 2009-2010 Fall Coffee  -  Lisa & Jerry Simon

    In October, Jan Benjamin and Katie Thompson chaired the Fall Coffee at the home of Lisa & Jerry Simon, where guests enjoyed an update on University activities from President Robert Sloan and a heart-filled thank you from scholarship recipient Katie Dunn.

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  • 2008-2009 Fall Coffee  -  Anne & Stephen Pouns

    This year’s Fall Coffee was enjoyed at the lovely home of Anne and Stephen Pouns.

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