2011-2012 Guild Christmas Luncheon

This year’s Christmas Luncheon was a huge success and well attended by over 350 Guild members and their guest, who enjoyed music, food and inspiration for the Christmas season.

Attendees were entertained by HBU alumni, Ryan Beasley, Lucy Girgawy, Jeremiah Joseph and Mon’Sher Spenser, one of our Guild members. The music pierced our souls and prepared our hearts for the message from President Robert Sloan, Jr. and Debbie Taylor Williams of the Hill Country Ministries. Debbie Taylor Williams lead us through the Christmas journey of Mary and Joseph and encouraged our ladies with the reminder that we too are favored, filled with the spirit and blessed as believers in Christ through our journeys with the Lord. Dr. Sloan graciously took us through the Biblical prophecy of the coming of the Christ Child.

Guild President Anne Roper  presented Dr. Sloan with a $25,000 gift towards the Guild Institute for Christian Family Studies Endowment. Everyone enjoyed their lunch that was so lovingly prepared and served by the Hilton staff under the ceiling of stars that  reminded us of the birth of Christ.  The annual luncheon was an elegant affair enjoyed by all who attended!