The Guild Christmas Luncheon | Houston Baptist University

The Guild Christmas Luncheon

Broken Beauty

River Oaks Country Club
December 4, 2020

Sarah Bearden Smith is a housewife, mother of three, and a woman of deep faith, who has lived in Texas all her life. Sarah’s childhood was anchored by her family’s faith and their participation in church activities. She was a gifted athlete and reached elite status in competitive gymnastics by the time she was thirteen years of age. Sarah was born and raised in the Houston area and remained there until her departure for the University of Texas at Austin, where she was a speech communications major, a varsity cheerleader, and a member of Tri Delta Sorority. Following graduation, she remained in Austin, working in the software and high-tech industry. After her marriage to Thad Smith in 2002, the couple moved to Dallas, Texas. Through their years in Dallas, Sarah and her husband have served on various boards and committees, including the Greer Garson Gala, the Presbyterian Hospital Healthcare Foundation, East-West Ministries, AWARE Dallas, and the Providence Christian School of Texas. They actively serve with their children in assisted living and memory care facilities and support organizations such as Council for Life, the Alzheimer’s Association, the Women’s Alzheimer’s Movement, and Community Bible Study. Sarah and her family are members of Watermark Community Church.


Broken Beauty is the story of Sarah’s mother—known as “Beauty” to their family— and their family’s journey through the devastating world of early-onset Alzheimer’s. Sarah was a young mother in her thirties when her mother’s illness struck, and her family’s shock and pain at the disease’s manifestations was nearly unbearable. At the time of her diagnosis, Beauty was still young and fit and Sarah’s best friend. It’s a powerful and personal story about a daughter facing the unthinkable and the love she found to carry her through.