Message from the Executive Director

Sharon Saunders Vice President for Advancement and University Relations
Sharon Saunders  Vice President for Advancement and University Relations

What a glorious day … everyday … what a fabulous time … and what a memorable history we have created.  Each of us has our own family and our own history.  But, together we share a family known as The Guild, and it is through our times together that we have created a special history centered around our faith, our commitment to Christian higher education, and our love for Houston Baptist University.  For some of us the history is long and rich in detail; for others you may be just beginning this new and special relationship.  For all of us, we share in times of prayer and celebration knowing that every day offers a unique opportunity.  And, I certainly cherish the time we have working on projects and committees together … especially the laughter we share.

We do know that lives have been forever changed at HBU … from the excitement of students enrolling for their first day of class … to the joy and pride of students and their families at commencement.  That is why I believe our commitment to graduate education is so meaningful.  Our Guild Scholarship Committee meets personally with all scholarship applicants, and our selection process combines deliberation with prayer.  It is so gratifying to know of the dedication and commitment our recipients have to their calling — whether in education or in ministry.  And, it is especially meaningful to know that The Guild’s resources, contributions from our generous members, are invested wisely in the lives of others.  Since 1995 The Guild has provided more than 300 annual and endowed scholarships.  That is well beyond what some could have ever imagined — but when Guild members come together, the opportunities are boundless!  God’s timing is always perfect … which has certainly been evidenced through this program.

Yet, The Guild is only a one aspect of our HBU history.  Many of you are involved in other organizations … the Alumni Association, the American Museum Society, the Husky Club, the School of Nursing Dean’s Development Council, Friends of Fine Arts … and others.  It is because of your involvement in each of the many lives of HBU that our programs expand, our enrollment grows, and the University flourishes.  I have heard our Founding Father Stewart Morris remind us that the University had a BIG dream.  Well, I think you would agree that the dream has become a reality. The vision of our University has been entrusted to each of us, and I thank you for joining us on this journey.  And, remember … It’s a New “GREAT” Day … Every Day!

Forever & Always,

Sharon Saunders

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