Message from the Executive Director

Sharon Saunders Vice President for Advancement and University Relations
Sharon Saunders
Vice President for Advancement and University Relations


We often say that at HBU we stand on the shoulders of our University Founders.  I would also acknowledge that we are indebted to the women who came together 45 years ago to support a young Christian University, to affirm their faith and stand as His witness, and to join other women in Christian fellowship.  The President’s Advisors was their creation … and while the name has changed to The Guild, its traditions have continued.

At HBU we celebrate many old traditions and recognize new ones that come with change … in a short 59 years HBC has become HBU, the enrollment has grown immeasurably, you can cheer the Huskies in NCAA Division I athletics … including football, and our first doctoral students have graduated!  Emails and texts are now our communication links 24/7, Key Maps are a thing of the past, and SIRI means we never hear one say, “Go look it up in the dictionary.”

But here are a few traditions of The Guild that I pray will never change …

    • We join together in worshipping Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior … regardless of our church affiliation.
    • We affirm and support HBU … our students, faculty, staff, alumni … and our President and First Lady.
    • We pray and lift up each other in times of sorrow and celebration.
    • We enjoy coming together for parties, luncheons and endless committee meetings.
    • We experience some of the best food — from River Oaks Country Club to the best recipes of fellow members — and we NEVER EVER count calories.
    • We support graduate scholarships and change lives.And, most importantly, we serve as a witness to all and to each other!

I consider The Guild a place where lasting friendships are formed and where we can find our joy.  Thank you for sharing in our traditions!  Let’s celebrate the past 45 years, and … May God bless our future!

Always and Forever,


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