Message from the Executive Director:  A Special Thank You … Better than Normal!

Sharon Saunders Vice President for Advancement and University Relations
Sharon Saunders
Vice President for Advancement and University Relations
Dear Friends,

I want to thank each of you for your continued involvement, support and love for The Guild and HBU.

Much has been said in these last 18+ months about changing plans, wearing masks, keeping our distance and staying safe. Each of us has been impacted by Covid-19, and our hearts ache for lost family members and friends.

As we approach this new year for The Guild, some might wonder what normal is. I don’t think we know!

Instead, I would like to think that the days ahead for each of us will be celebrated in more meaningful ways. How absolutely wonderful to be able to share time with friends, which is a hallmark of The Guild. How joyous to be able to laugh together and share in Christian friendship. We have missed one another!

I hope you agree that developing meaningful relationships is what makes The Guild such a special organization. Certainly, the scholarships that we support change lives of so many students and their families, but I think the greatest lives changed are our own! God has brought us together in amazing ways to support the endeavors of Houston Baptist University and each other.

HBU is truly a unique place for me and perhaps for you, as well. In a very short 60+ years, God has blessed us with more than 23,700 alumni and with thousands of friends whom I like to call Alumni by Choice. For whatever brought you into the circle of Christian friends known as The Guild … I am forever grateful.

Our students, faculty and staff appreciate the many ways you support HBU. From the Fall Coffee to the Silver Tea, with Christmas events in between, your involvement is so important. And, even though our in-person celebrations were few this year, our scholarship support exceeded expectations! Thank you for staying with us.

Our time together, today and in the years to come, is so very special to me … I am so thankful for your friendship, your support, and for every moment I am blessed to share with each of you.

Always and Forever,