Message from the Executive Director

Sharon Saunders Vice President for Advancement and University Relations
Sharon Saunders
Vice President for Advancement and University Relations


Dear Friends,

There are very few things in life that are universal, but members of The Guild embody a universal strength exemplified by the fact that our faith is our bond.  This bond of faith has been our stronghold these past few months as we’ve faced an unknown and uncertain challenger called COVID-19.

As Guild members, we rely on our faith in God to sustain us as we navigate unfamiliar terrain in these unprecedented times …

    • Because we have faith, we have endured much uncertainty these past few months without questioning His purpose.
    • Because we have faith, we have adjusted our lifestyles to accommodate new procedures and guidelines.
    • Because we have faith, we have faced and will continue to face hardships with prayer and acceptance.
    • Because we have faith, we have complete trust in God and His perfect timing.

And because we have faith, we are moving forward with exciting plans for The Guild and for our University family as we celebrate the 60th Anniversary of HBU!

Last March, just before the University closed due to the coronavirus, a faculty member sent me this note that I want to share with you …

None of us knows
What might happen
Even the next minute,
Yet still we go forward
Because we trust.
Because we have faith.

These powerful words were meaningful to me then; now they are beyond my imagination!

While each of us has been uniquely affected by this pandemic, we have ALL relied on our faith to carry us through each and every day.  And our faith will continue to strengthen us as we begin this new year for The Guild and face many changes and challenges. Social distancing, decreased density, and even “designer” masks are part of our new vocabulary and lifestyle for now!  But, because we are believers and are united in our faith, we are confident in our future and our plans for HBU.

I look forward to “seeing” you soon; and, while none of us knows what might happen even in the next minute, let us come together, thankful for each other and for our University. This could truly be the best year ever for The Guild, HBU and YOU!!

Always and Forever,