Message to The Guild
From the President of HBU

Dr. Robert B. Sloan

Dear Friends,

While the beginning of the fall semester looks different due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I want to thank The Guild for its steadfast support of the University. Beginning in the spring semester, HBU students, faculty, staff, alumni, and friends joined together to ensure we remain as safe as possible as we walk in faith through these unprecedented times.  Sue and I realize that the pandemic has impacted each of you, in some way.  Please remember that you remain in our prayers.

This is indeed a historic time for The Guild.  The desire to help as many students as possible during these challenging times enabled The Guild to award 38 scholarships to students pursuing graduate degrees in Education and Theology this academic year.  The Guild Scholarship Program greatly contributes to our students learning how to incorporate Christian values into their personal and professional lives, and we believe those values are increasingly essential to maintain now.

Thank you for sharing your love and efforts with HBU through all circumstances.  Sue and I are forever grateful that we have had the opportunity to share fellowship, success, and the love our Lord with all of you.


Dr. Robert B. Sloan, Jr.
Houston Baptist University