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Office Location:                                                                   Office Hours:
Moody Library Office 129                                                  M-F 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Mailing Address:                                                      
Houston Baptist University                                             (281) 649-3198
7502 Fondren Rd #211
Houston, TX 77074

Meet Our Staff:   

Sarah Garza

Director of TRIO Student Success Services
281-649-3237 |
Moody Library: Looper Learning Commons 132
Degree: BA in Psychology, Houston Baptist University
Biography: Sarah is frequently found walking two giant dogs, eating bread, and reading books by Naomi Novik.                      

Stephanie Perea

TRIO Student Success Specialist
281-649-3257 |
Zoom Meeting ID: 570 981 3247
Moody Library: Looper Learning Commons 130
Degree: BBA in Management, Houston Baptist University
Biography: Stephanie’s favorite hobbies include dancing, watching movies, and reading.

Gairet Snow

TRIO Student Success Specialist
281-649-3233 |
Zoom Meeting ID: 804 600 9892
Moody Library: Looper Learning Commons 131
Degree: MA in Christian Studies, Grand Canyon University
Biography: Gairet married his college sweetheart in 2017. He likes to drink hot tea, exercise, and watch anime.

Jacqueline Mendez

TRIO Business Coordinator
281-649-3194 |
Zoom Meeting ID: 339 596 8537
Moody Library: Looper Learning Commons 129
Degree: BBA in International Business, Houston Baptist University
Biography: Jacqueline’s favorite hobby is to spend time with her four cats. She also has a blackbelt in Kuk Sool a Korean martial art.