transfer mentors and success coach

Transfer Student Success

Transferring schools can be an exciting and challenging experience. We are so happy that you have chosen HBU for the next chapter of your educational journey. Your transfer student success coach is here to help you get connected on campus and adjust to life as a Husky.

How to Connect

  • Transfer Mentors are returning transfer students who are here to support you throughout your first year as a transfer to HBU. They know what it’s like to navigate a new system, make new friends and get to know a new place, and they’re excited to help you learn the same things! Meet our Transfer Mentors today!
  • Join a transfer community! These are interest-based groups led by our Transfer Mentors and made up of other incoming Transfer Students. Enjoy the outdoors, explore Houston area museums and restaurants, or dive into HBU culture!
  • Start checking things off of your HBU bucket list! There are so many amazing experiences, from attending a football game to meeting our live mascot, Kiza, to making the dean’s list. Don’t miss a moment!
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