Success Coaches

Student Success Coaches

Why Student Success Coaches!

Success Coaches partner with students and walk with them as they navigate the challenging first steps of higher education. Success Coaches are provided as a resource to help students achieve success both inside and outside of the classroom. Interactions between Success Coaches and students will utilize an approach which emphasizes holistic development and adds to the success of each student. This means that meetings between Success Coaches and students will be tailored toward the student’s strengths, areas in which the student’s need improvement, and the student’s interests. Success Coaches are all about the student’s success! They help students effectively identify and take advantage of campus resources in order to help them persist throughout their college career at HBU. Success Coaches advocate for student involvement in the HBU community as well as assist students with the development of personal and professional goals. While Success Coaches help to hold students accountable for their academic journey, they labor to aid students in establishing healthy practices that will develop a sense of self-efficacy within their new found autonomy.

First Year Success

During a student’s freshmen year, they will be paired with a First Year Success Coach, whom may also provide academic advising. First Year Success Coaches focus on equipping students to develop a holistic support system through various programs and services; the aim of which is to engage students and increase their ability to be successful at HBU and beyond

Second Year Success

During the second year of college students struggle to balance new personal and academic challenges. A student's second year of college is a critical one, where they will typically determine a major of study, choose and solidify friendships, and face the realization that they are halfway through their college career. This is a phase in which our Second Year Success Coach can help students avoid the "Sophomore Slump" by connecting them with the necessary resources to overcome the challenges that may detour their success.

Transfer Student Success

Perhaps this is not a student’s first college experience, but they are coming to HBU for the first time as a transfer student. There is a Success Coach for them as well. Through a variety of initiatives, our Transfer Success Coach will help transfer students get connected to campus and to adjust to their new life as a Husky.

First Generation Student Success Program

Higher education presents unique challenges to First Generation Students. The First Generation Success Program serves as a caring community where identified first-generation (Gen 1) students find a genuine sense of belonging. This program is intentional in providing students with the knowledge, resources, and support systems they will need to thrive at HBU, to succeed at HBU, and persist to graduation

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