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Husky Corporate Partner Program

office-of-career-and-calling-logo-final-6-22-2016Become a Husky Corporate Partner today! This new and elite level of engagement with the Office of Career and Calling leads to the following;

  • Top notch candidates leading student organizations advocating for your company to their peers
  • Increased traffic to your company’s booth at Career Fairs
  • Recruiters’ Delight – A full Interview Schedule for Campus Interviews
  • Greater company brand awareness by students on campus who see your company swag and/or logo on the Office of Career and Calling T-Shirt, on printed materials, on our Social Media, and inside the new Career Center!
  • Graduate students and alumni with valuable skill-sets deciding to pursue a career with your company over your competitors.

After reviewing the Corporate Sponsor & Partner levels below, please feel free to contact the Office of Career and Calling with any questions or to move forward with becoming a Husky Corporate Partner!

Corporate Sponsorship Options

Career Fair Sponsorship

  • Includes access to a Career Fair of choice in a given semester.
  • Includes Cyber Marketing Campaign & Resume Book
  • Includes centralized booth placement at Career Fairs and company logo on promotional items.
    • Designated Sponsor of Career Fair Map.
    • Social Media Spotlight throughout the semester.
    • Company brochures prominently displayed in the Career Center and given to all students entering the Career Fair.
    • Company logo, website, and message prominently displayed on 60-inch flat screen in the Career Center over the entire semester.
    • Company Sponsor included in promotional emails to students about the Career Fair(s).
    • Company logo displayed on Career and Calling T-Shirt.
    • 500+ Student visits to the Career Center in the Spring of 2017
    • Value Listing: $500-600

Hire-A-Husky Online Sponsor

  • Includes Career Fair Sponsorship benefits for a Career Fair of choice.
  • Company logo prominently placed in the Hire-A-Husky online job posting system for all students and alumni to view.
  • Students would see company logo once logged into online system and will be able to click the logo and go to company website.
  • Designated Sponsor of Hire-A-Husky for the entire school year: “Hire-A-Husky – Powered by {Company Name}” and company bio prominently displayed on student log-in page in the system for entire year.
  • Company logo, website, and message prominently displayed on 60-inch flat screen in the Career Center over the entire year.
  • Company Logo on Career and Calling T-Shirt
  • 8/2015- 8/2016 Log-Ins: 950
  • 8/2016-Present Logins: 1436
  • Total Number of Students: 3,300
  • Value Listing: $1000 annually

Partner Level

  • Includes Career Fair Sponsorship
  • Designated Title Sponsor of all HBU Career Fairs
  • Includes Hire-A-Husky Online Sponsorship
  • Includes Career and Calling Interview Room Sponsorship
  • Automatic Table Sponsor at Annual Business Etiquette Dinner
  • Value Listing: $1500 annually