The Center for Research and Doctoral Studies

Welcome Message from the Director of CRDS, Jeffery Green, Ph.D.

The entire team of CRDS is thrilled to welcome you to this new semester! We provide some guidelines to assist you in writing you publications. The CRDS was launched to support students, faculty members and staff with manuscripts and publications, as well as to uphold the principles of the Pillar Ten.

This area provides updated information regarding lab services, APA formatting, conferences and workshops, hence we hope to provide you with the information you require. If you have further questions, please contact us using the information provided in the contact area.

APA Style and Chicago Style Manual Guide: Links and Introduction

APA style was initiated by the American Psychological Association to establish a set of rules for publications. It contains a set of guidelines to help scholars or authors achieve clear, precise and excellent writing. It is used by individuals in fields from psychology, nursing, education, business, engineering and other disciplines to prepare manuscripts such as scholarly papers, dissertations and thesis.

HBU Moody Library offers links, tips and video resources on how to write academic and professional papers. Click here to access the webpage.

How we Support Graduate Students

Houston Baptist University students and faculty members may access this area on campus for information regarding dissertations and theses. The writing lab is opened to graduate students and faculty members conducting research or preparing manuscripts for publications, grants, original research and professional presentations. 


The Research Process

The research process involves various steps and dependent on your acquaintance with a topic, an efficient strategy is required to write a research paper. The Center for Research and Doctoral Studies equips students through this process, by providing them with all the resources available in accomplishing their desired outcomes.

Learn more about how to start your research process by contacting your professor.


APA workshops and Conferences

Houston Baptist University offers students APA workshops to assist them in writing and editing academic papers. Click here to access the workshops offered to students.

Other APA and non-APA events, workshops and conferences offered by the American Psychological Association could be found here.


How can we help?

Write us at CRDS@HBU.EDU to set an online appointments