Housing Frequently Asked Questions


  • Are vacuum cleaners, mops, brooms, and cleaning materials provided?

    No. These are items you will want to bring with you. In the Residence Colleges, a weekly cleaning service is provided to clean the tub, toilet, and sink in each suite; they do not vacuum or remove trash.

  • Can I burn candles or incense?

    No. Both are considered fire hazards and are therefore prohibited.

  • May I have a bicycle on campus?

    Yes. However, bicycles are not allowed in student rooms.  Bicycles may not be parked in exterior hallways or stairwells of any building.  Bicycle racks are located at various locations on campus.  There is no storage available in the Residence Colleges.  You are encouraged not to bring expensive bicycles to campus.  Be sure to secure your bicycle.  Failure to comply with proper bicycle policies may result in removal of the bike and possible disciplinary action.

  • What will my room be furnished with?

    Men’s and Women’s Philips Residence Colleges

    In your bedroom

    • twin-size bed
    • desk
    • dresser
    • desk chair
    • sink with mirror
    • vanity

    In the suite common area

    • 14-cubic foot refrigerator
    • sink and cabinet
    • table with 2 chairs
    • upholstered furniture

    The common area is designed to be shared by all who live in that suite.

    Mest Wing of the Women’s Philips Residence College:

    • extra-long twin-size bed
    • desk
    • chair
    • dresser
    • vanity
    • sink with mirror
    • lockable closet
  • Where can I store extra belongings?

    There is no storage available on campus.

  • Will my room assignment change?

    Room assignments are subject to change at any time.  Due to time constraints, we may not be able to notify you if your roommate and/or room assignment changes prior to the move-in day.  After move-in day, room changes may be required due to the changing needs of the University (consolidation will happen during the first 4 weeks of each term).

  • When will I receive my room assignment?

    Returning students:

    Returning students select their room assignment during the room selection lottery.  Students who do not participate in the room selection lottery will be assigned by Residence Life, based on the housing application, prior to the end of the spring term.

    New students:

    For the Fall Semester: You should receive your room assignment at your GO Orientation.

    For the Spring Semester: You should receive your room assignment by mail or e-mail approximately two weeks prior to the beginning of the spring term.

    May I bring curtains for the bedroom windows?

    Yes, however a tension rod is required as you are NOT allowed to drill holes into the walls. Please refer to the window dimensions below.

    • Philips RCs: Men’s & Women’s – 81.5 in x 41 in.
    • Mest Wing: Women’s – 81 x 48
  • Can my roommate and I rearrange the room furnishings?

    Yes, however, you will be required to return the furniture to its original set up.  Please do not remove furnishings from the room.

  • Does HBU offer summer housing?

    Yes. Students who are enrolled for summer terms are allowed to live on campus.  Husky Village is the only options for summer housing.  Students who are not enrolled are not allowed to stay during the summer.

    There is NO meal plan options for the summer.

  • Are there elevators? What about special accommodations?

    Yes. The Mest Wing of the Women’s Residence College has elevator access.  The Sadie & Doug Hodo Residence College also has elevator access.  ADA-compliant housing is available for those in need.  To request special accommodations contact the Disability Services Coordinator (504@hbu.edu).

  • How are roommates selected?

    Roommate groups are formed through the Symplicity housing software.  Students who do not form roommate groups will be assigned roommates based on the information provided on the housing application. Contact Residence Life for more information about roommate groups.

  • What should I do if I have a maintenance problem in my room?

    Maintenance requests should be directed to your RA or the lobby offices of the Residence Colleges.

  • Where can I keep food within the Residence Colleges?

    In each of the Men’s and Women’s Residence College suite common areas there is a full-size refrigerator for use by all students residing within that suite.

  • What are the Visitation Hours?

    The Residence Colleges have established visiting hours. Visiting hours for members of the opposite sex as follows:

    Monday – Thursday 1:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.
    Friday 1:00 pm to 12:00 a.m.
    Saturday 1:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m.
    Sunday 1:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.

    Overnight guests of the same sex must be registered with the on-call Resident Assistant or the Resident Director.  Overnight guests of the opposite sex are not permitted. Please refer to the HBU Student Handbook for more details and guidelines.

    NO visitation during breaks — During the University breaks, there will be no one allowed into the building except with advance permission of the Resident Director or the Director of Residence Life.

  • What is done to resolve roommate conflict?

    We encourage you to give your roommate a chance.  As needed the Residence Life staff will work with students to identify issues and help resolve conflict.

  • What should I pack for moving on campus?

    The following is only a suggested packing list.

    • bedspread or blanket, twin-size bed linens sheet, pillowcases, pillow, etc. *
    • desk lamp, small fan
    • trash can, mop/dustpan, cleaning supplies
    • towels and washcloths
    • shower curtain (long), personal items, hangers
    • alarm clock, books, calendar/organizer
    • TV/radio/stereo (bring a set of headphones so that you may enjoy your audio components without disturbing your roommate(s) or other students)
    • Bring the appropriate cords for all electronic appliances (coaxle cable, etc)
    • iron/ironing board
    • computer, printer, monitor, etc.
    • basic first-aid kit

    * Bed sizes are:

    • Men’s Residence College – extra-long twin
    • Women’s Residence College Philips – regular twin
    • Mest Wing of Women’s Residence College – extra-long twin
  • Is an HBU meal plan required for HV residents?

    Yes.  All residents are required to purchase a meal plan.  The Lite Diner or Block 90 meal plan is the minimum requirement for Husky Village residents, but the standard meal plans are available as well.

  • Is there a cleaning service?

    Yes. Restrooms and common areas are cleaned weekly (public areas) by the HBU cleaning crew. “Cleaning” means dusting and mopping. Bedroom areas are not cleaned.

  • Are there laundry facilities in my residence college?

    Yes.  All on campus housing options have “free play” washers and dryers.  The cost for laundry service is included in the room rate.

  • Are the apartments furnished?

    All four bedroom units are furnished. We also offer some two bedroom furnished apartments.  Both two and four bedroom units have single-occupancy bedrooms furnished with a bed, a dresser, a desk and chair.  The common area in a four bedroom apartment is furnished with a sofa, armchair, coffee table, end table and dining chairs.  The living room in a two bedroom apartment is furnished with a loveseat, armchair, one end table and two dining chairs.

    All apartments are furnished!

  • Where is the main Residence Life office?

    The Residence Life office’s is located in the Hodo Residence College first floor lobby.

  • Is there a curfew?

    No. You are given a door code to enter the building and you will have a key to your room.

  • Who are RDs & RAs?


    • An RD is the Resident Director for the Residence Colleges or Apartments. This is a professional staff who is responsible for overall management of their facility.
    • An RA is a Resident Assistant.  The RA is a student leader that is supervised by the Resident Director.  The RA is responsible to support a specific group of residents and are the first point of contact when residents need help.
  • What is the smoking policy for Residence Life?

    HBU prohibits smoking anywhere on University premises except for the confines of private vehicles.

  • Is alcohol permitted in Husky Village?

    No. The Housing Agreement as well as the University’s Code of Conduct specifically state that the possession and/or consumption of alcohol on campus is prohibited.

  • Do I have to move out between the fall and spring semesters?

    No.  However, during semester breaks (Winter Break & Spring Break) the Residence Colleges are closed and students must leave campus.  Only students with approved appeals are allowed to stay on campus during these breaks.  Appeals are only considered for out of state students who can not go home, international students, or students with official University business.  If you are approved to stay on campus during the break, you will be placed on an approved list and given access during the break.

    Students are required to move out between the spring and summer term.  There are no exceptions to the summer break.

  • Is the housing deposit required?

    Yes, everyone who applies for housing is required to pay a housing deposit.  The deposit can be paid online.

  • Are pets allowed?

    No. Pets are strictly prohibited.  There are no exceptions.

  • Can I bring a car to campus?

    Yes. There is parking available near the Residence Colleges and Apartments as well as in several other parking lots on campus. You must have a current or valid HBU parking hang-tag from the HBU Police (generally obtained during registration).

  • What are the meal plan choices offered?

    Grab n’ Go – 140 meals/ Semester & $550 DBD

    Pack 12 – 12 meals/ Week & 500 DBD

    Unlimited – Unlimited meals & 275 DBD

    Lite Diner – 90 meals/ Semester & 325 (This is only for rooms that have a kitchen) (All of HV, Hodo – A, G, B, B1)


    See the On-Campus Dining website for more information.

  • What kind of access control does Residence Life use for the Residence Colleges?

    Residence Life controls access to residential space with both keypad door codes (Freshman Village) and student ID card readers (Hodo Residence College).  Each residential area is supervised by live in professional staff and Resident Assistant student leaders.

  • Are residents required to have a meal plan?

    Yes. All students who live on campus are required to have a meal plan.  The apartments and other rooms equipped with a kitchen are allowed to have the Husky 5 meal plan.

  • Is there a Post Office on campus?

    Yes. The University Post Office is located in the MD Anderson Student Center.

  • Do I need to bring toilet paper?

    No. The cleaning service provides toilet paper for our residence colleges (not Husky Village). But if you wish a particular brand, you are welcome to bring your own.

  • May I cook in my room?

    Yes.  However, cooking appliances with an open heat source are not permitted in student rooms.  Broiler ovens, heaters, hot plates, other “open element” appliances, or other similar items (i.e., George Foreman Grills) are serious fire hazards and, therefore are NOT permitted in student rooms.  Devices using an open flame such as candles, portable gas stoves, grills, fondue pots, gas burner hot plates, or gas lanterns are prohibited in student rooms. Popcorn poppers, rice cookers, hot pots, coffee pots, and/or microwaves (must be 1000 watts or less) are permitted.

  • Can I bring extra furnishings?

    Yes. Small furnishings like a TV stand, small bookcase, end table, etc.

  • Am I required to live on campus?

    Since 1960, Houston Baptist University has been committed to the education of the “whole person.” HBU offers a variety of choices on-campus in order to fully integrate a residence life experience as part of your education. Not only that, but research shows that students who belong to a campus community have a more productive and ultimately more satisfying college experience, and our Room and Board costs are among the lowest in the state. In order to emphasize the importance of this invaluable life experience, we have a Residency Requirement that states:

    All unmarried undergraduate students (under the age of 21 prior to September 1) and who are not living at home along with students who have completed less than 64 credit hours at the beginning of the fall semester are required to live on campus.

  • Are private rooms available?

    There are a limited number of residence hall rooms/styles that are designed to be private (Hodo Residence College H and G styles). The Husky Village apartments are private. Most residential space is shared space.

  • I don't have a roommate. Will one be provided?

    Roommate groups are formed through the Symplicity housing software.  Current students form roommate groups prior to the room selection lottery.  New students are able to form roommate groups after completing the housing application.  Contact Residence Life for more information about forming roommate groups.

  • Can freshmen live in Husky Village?

    No. Only upper-class students are allowed to live in Husky Village (Juniors with a minimum of 65 current credit hours and Seniors are given priority). A True Freshmen (a student who just graduated from High School and has not attended another University) must stay in Freshmen Village. Even those incoming students with dual credit hours still fall under “True Freshman.” You must also meet the minimum credit hour requirement before starting the Fall semester.

  • Can I stay in my Suite/Apartment for more than a year? Even when I am taking Summer Classes?

    Freshman Village & Hodo:

    No. During the Summer Freshman Village and Hodo are used for summer camps. Once Summer Camps are complete, students who selected a room in Hodo can move in (as long as they were already on campus taking summer courses). This rule applies for freshman who moved in during the summer as well. However, after the summer is complete, a student who lived in Hodo the prior year and selected to renew/return to that same space will have the opportunity to do so.

    Husky Village:

    A student who lives in Husky Village throughout the year, will still need to move out in order for Maintenance to do all the necessary work. Custodial will also have to go into the room and deep clean it. This is not a 1 day process. HBU Residence Life will strive to place the students in the same style room that they vacate. This will allow the students the ability to move around campus very minimal times per year.

  • Is there on campus storage for students?

    During the fall and spring semesters there is no on campus storage provided to students. As students transition from spring to summer sessions, depending on when the student is registered for the summer, a student will be able to place their belongings into their summer/fall assignment. The cost of storage is the cost of living. Since Residence Life cannot use that room for a student to live in while items are being stored, the students will have to pay for that room to be taken offline.

    This is only an option for summer sessions and ONLY if there is available space.

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