HBU Student Leadership

Student Leadership is a large part of the student experience here at HBU. Student Involvement wants your leadership experiences to be impactful, meaningful, and effective. Various departments around campus offer leadership opportunities to help grow our student development.

Student Leadership Selection Process 

In efforts to streamline the leadership hiring process; we have implemented a common application that will be used for certain leadership opportunities at HBU. Below you will find the basic eligibility requirements for HBU student leadership positions.

Basic Leadership Eligibility Requirements: A Student Leader at HBU must…

1. Be currently enrolled as a full-time student at Houston Baptist University.
2. Maintain a cumulative grade point average of no less than 2.5 (minimum GPA requirement may vary per position).
3. Remain in good standing with the university (academic and conduct).
4. Adhere to all policies and standards as stated in the HBU Student Handbook.
5. Submit the Student Leadership Common Application by February 5th, 2021.
6. Some positions may require you to live on campus throughout the leadership position (varies based on position)
7. Create a resume. Utilize the services of Career & Calling. Set up an appointment before your interviews to get great tips and tricks (www.hbu.edu/careerandcalling).

Additionally: You may be asked to complete additional steps per leadership opportunity you select to apply for.

HBU Student Leadership Explained

Check out the video below for more information about student leadership at HBU and information about the HBU Leadership Common Application.

Important Leadership Information

Students are able, and encouraged, to apply for ALL interested leadership positions. However, if a student decides to accept a student leadership position, he/she will only be able to participate in one position within category "A" and one within category "B" (students would be encouraged not to select multiple positions within those same categories as the time commitment for them overlap), and up to three positions in category "C". The student will be highly encouraged not to accept more than three leadership positions total per supervisor approval (all three selected positions can be category "C"). This process will ensure the potential for more leadership opportunities to be had by different HBU students, increased leadership development with specific students in different areas, decrease of student "over-involvement" and burn out, and overall better stewardship of the leadership opportunities we offer. By completing the Student Leadership Common Application and completing the process of applying for the multiple leadership interest, you are agreeing to the stipulations mentioned above. Should you potentially be selected for multiple positions within the same A or B category (ex: FYS Peer Mentor and Resident Assistant or SPB Exec and Campus Rec Leader), a preference email may be sent to you to rank your preference of leadership acceptance. This ranking may be taken into consideration in offerings.

Category A: