Physics Major

Physics (BS)

The HBU Physics program provides a strong basis in the theoretical and experimental aspects of the study of laws and behaviors of natural matter. Faculty members are involved in abstract, observational and applied physics research. Areas of research include biophysics, supersymmetry and methods of teaching physics. In addition, the physics program offers courses for non-science majors: Physics for the Liberal Arts Mind; Astronomy and the Universe; and Physics of Sound.

Careers and Opportunities

Physics-related career paths include the sectors of education, energy, manufacturing, information technology, engineering and more. Graduates with a foundation in physics are well-prepared in a discipline that is fundamental for numerous specialties.

Pre-Professional Programs

The College of Science and Engineering also offers (in addition to advising for HBU degree requirements) specialized advising for students planning to continue their education after obtaining a degree from HBU by attending medical, dental, optometry, pharmacy, physical therapy, physician assistant, or an engineering school.

Advising and Degree Plan

Physics Major Requirements

Physics Minor Requirements

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