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Prospective Nursing Students

Thank you for your interest in the Houston Baptist University Baccalaureate Nursing Program.

The  priority deadline is September 1, 2022 for Spring 2023 Nursing Program Applications. The final deadline is September 30, 2022


Should I Pursue a Nursing Degree?

If you are considering a nursing career, the first step is to learn about what you can do with a nursing degree and the types of nursing careers that are available. To determine if nursing school is worth pursuing, review the average nursing salaries and follow our quick guide for steps to becoming a nurse. Finally, learn more about HBU’s rigorous nursing curriculum that includes academic and clinical performance requirements.

How Do I Get Started?

We want to assist you in making appropriate academic choices and decisions such as:

  • Reaching your goals at HBU
  • Exploring strategies for admission into the nursing program
  • Assessing current academic status in relation to nursing program entry requirements
  • Addressing any questions

Undergraduate nursing students enter the school as freshmen or transfer students with a Pre-Nursing major. Students must be formally admitted to HBU with a Pre-Nursing major in order to complete the Nursing Program Requirements and apply to the program.

Contact our Pre-Nursing advisors at nursing@hbu.edu for questions about applying to our BSN Nursing program.


Stacey Estes (ADN ’94 BSN’16)
Testimonials from Our Alumni

Next Steps

Please see the section: Admission Requirements for Prospective Nursing Students.