Philosophy Major

Philosophy (BA and minor)

“The unexamined life is not worth living.” ~Plato, Apology 38a

Why Philosophy

In short, philosophers excel at life.

No matter what your vocation is, the study of philosophy can benefit you.

The meaning of the word “philosophy” is literally “love of wisdom.” That fact is of central importance to HBU’s philosophy department. We aim to make you an ardent lover and pursuer of wisdom by putting you in direct conversation with the greatest philosophic thinkers in history.

In our philosophy program, you will explore the most important questions, such as:

Does God exist? – What is the good life? – What is the relationship between faith and reason? – Is beauty in the eye of the beholder?

The philosophy program will not only change your life, but prepare you for a wide range of careers and graduate school opportunities. Philosophy majors consistently score high on placement exams and are sought after by business leaders for their critical thinking skills and their ability to communicate clearly.


In addition to asking important questions, you will join a community of Christian thinkers committed to mentoring and helping the you grow. Film nights, conferences, guest speakers, study sessions and one-on-one attention are all part of the philosophy experience at HBU.

Our philosophy faculty members are very strong teachers and will tackle the big questions with you honestly, following the truth wherever it leads.

Houston is quickly becoming one of the most important centers of thought in the United States. That means that HBU’s location is an excellent place to study philosophy.

As stated above, philosophy will prepare you for any career by giving you the ability to think and learn well, which transfers into any field. Many of our graduates pursue careers or further degrees in law, education and business.

What Next?

Read more about our philosophy courses in the course catalog.

If you think philosophy is for you, then apply today.

You may also be interested in our MA Philosophy degree.