Auditor/ Surveyor

An auditor (or surveyor) is someone who is taking a course simply for one’s own enjoyment and personal development, and not for credit. Please note that any courses taken as an auditor/ surveyor will not count for credit in the future either.

Spring 2020 Offerings- HBU Campus

Semester dates: January 13-May 8
Select the course title to view the course description in the current 2019-2020 Course Catalog (where available).
[4381/5381 courses are Special Topic classes. Course descriptions are not available via the course catalog].

Course title Professor Day Time Room
COMM 3324: Legal Communication Mater, Marie TR 1400-1515 TBA
COMM 4323: Intercultural Communication Mater, Marie TR 1700-1815 TBA
ENGL 3313: English Literature I Grubbs, David MWF 1400-1450 TBA
ENGL 3385: The Writings of C. S. Lewis Markos, Louis M 1600-1830 TBA
ENGL 4381: The Jazz Age Wilson, Doni T 1800-2030 TBA
ENGL 4381: On Death and Dying Leachman, Julianna TR 1400-1515 TBA
GOVT 3344: The American Court System Roady, Jack M 1800-2030 TBA
GOVT 3390: Law and Justice: Great Trials Tyler, John TR 0930-1045 TBA
GOVT 3394: Law and Religion in the US Holzer, Shannon TR 0800-0915 TBA
GOVT 4314: Constitutional Law II Tyler, John MWF 1100-1150 TBA
GOVT 4381: People and Politics in Texas History TBA MWF 0900-0950 TBA
HIST 3333: History of Texas Rexilius, Ronald W 1800-2030 TBA
HIST 3380: Blood & Fire: Rel. Sci. & Medicine Davis, David MWF 1200-1250 TBA
HIST 4381: Keeping the Faith: Rel. in America Frear, Sara W 1700-1930 TBA
HIST 5301: Intro to Scholarly Research Joseph, Anthony M 1800-2030 TBA
HIST 5310: Readings in European History Garbarino, Collin R 1800-2030 TBA
PHIL 3320: Business Ethics Neill, Jeremy MWF 100-1050 TBA
PHIL 3344: Modern/Contemporary Philosophy Gordon, Bruce TR 1100-1215 TBA
PHIL 4333: Aesthetics Hemati, Russel MWF 1400-1450 TBA
PHIL 4359: Political Philosophy Neill, Jeremy TR 1230-1345 TBA
PHIL 5181: Historicity of the Resurrection Craig, William Lane MTWRF 3.16.2020-3.20.2020 1530-1800 TBA
PHIL 5325: Phil/Worldview Studies in Psychology and Counseling Hemati, Russell M 1700-1930 TBA
PHIL 5340: Epistemology Green, Jeffrey R 1800-2030 TBA
PHIL 5381: Theistic Arguments Walls, Jerry R 1800-2030 TBA
SOCI 3327: Criminology Wilson, Dwain MWF 1500-1550 TBA
SOCI 3393: Sociology of Childhood/Adolescence Wilson, Dwain MWF 1400-1450 TBA
SPAN 2324: Intermediate Spanish II Estrada, Miguel MWF 1300-1350 TBA
SPAN 3314: Advanced Grammar Bermejo, Encarnacion T 1700-1930 TBA
SPAN 3321: Tu Lengua/ Spanish Heritage Bermejo, Encarnacion R 1700-1930 TBA
SPAN 3335: Spanish Writing Workshop Estrada, Miguel M 1700-1930 TBA

M- Monday, T- Tuesday, W- Wednesday, R- Thursday

The classes will run on the designated days of the week, for the duration of the semester. The Academic Calendar is available and lists holidays when the University is closed, so classes will not meet on those days. Please click here to view a printer-friendly campus map.


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