Auditor/ Surveyor

An auditor (or surveyor) is someone who is taking a course simply for one’s own enjoyment and personal development, and not for credit. Please note that any courses taken as an auditor/ surveyor will not count for credit in the future either.

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Fall 2020 Offerings- HBU Campus

Semester dates: August 24-December 11

Course title Professor Day Time Room
ENGL 5322 Chronicles of Narnia Dr. Louis Markos W 1830-2100 UAC 122
GOVT 4310 Jurisprudence, Law, & Legal Theory Dr. John Tyler TR 0930-1015 Remote
GOVT 4313 Constitutional Law Dr. John Tyler MWF 1100-1150 TBA
HIST 4330 United States Legal History Dr. Anthony Joseph TR 1100-1215 Hinton 115
HIST 4382 The Greek World Dr. Collin Garbarino TR 1230-1345 Hinton 115
HIST 5320 Readings in American History Dr. Anthony Joseph T 1830-2100 ATWD 1 113
HIST 5384 The Medieval World Dr. Robert Llizo R 1830-2100 ATWD 2 102
PHIL 4160 Explorations In Philosophy: Molinism Dr. William Lane Craig MTWRF
1530-1700PM ATWD 1 113
PHIL 4323 Ethics Dr. Jeremy Neill MWF 1300-1350 Hinton 115
SOCI 4373 The American Family Dr. Dwain Wilson MWF 1500-1550 Hinton 202
SPAN 3348 Medical Spanish I Dr. Encarna Bermejo R 1700-1930 ATWD 2 213
SPAN 3374 Hispanic Popular Music Dr. Miguel Estrada M 1700-1930 Hinton 139
SPAN 3394 Let’s Talk! Conversational Spanish Dr. Encarna Bermejo T 1700-1930 ATWD 2 213

M- Monday, T- Tuesday, W- Wednesday, R- Thursday

The classes will run on the designated days of the week, for the duration of the semester. The Academic Calendar is available and lists holidays when the University is closed, so classes will not meet on those days. Please click here to view a printer-friendly campus map.


3-hour course- $280 Early Bird, $300 after the semester begins
1-hour course- $100 Early Bird, $120 after the semester begins

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